10 Best Places to Visit in Arizona – Travel Video

With a dazzling array of amazing sights, Arizona’s desert climate is home to some astounding geological formations and canyons that are well worth exploring.

50 thoughts on “10 Best Places to Visit in Arizona – Travel Video

  1. Jim P says:

    Poor Indian Reservations you mean. Scottsdale over rated, and expensive, Downtown Phoenix science Museum is worth the visit, and lots of places to eat, but weekends it turns into a Ghost town, no one there. Tuscon really does not have a nightlife, not sure what this person is talking about, most people travel to Phoenix or Tempe for that from there. Sedona is worth the trip, but break open the piggy bank because you will need here. Mesa, Chandler and Tempe are much better places to visit and a lot cheaper in value then Scottsdale. Save your money and visit those Cities which have younger crowds and way better night life, plus Casinos. Your cost of gas in Scottsdale FYI is .20 cents higher then the other cities I just mentioned and food. Plus the people are friendlier… not all stuck up like the wealthy ignorance looks you get if you are from out of State. Also, if you arrive during the months of September October and November be sure you have vehicle insurance, because these areas are all visited by tourist who drive like OMG .. seriously. Not going say it o.k. SnowBirds, Wink wink

  2. John Stradling says:

    There is nothing dazzling or amazing about Phoenix or Tucson, just cities in the desert and Sedona is nothing with out the red rocks. You need to see Coal Mine Canyon on the Hopi reservation or Saguaro National Park for beauty. Include the Mission San Xavier Del Bac south of Tucson and Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument just north of the border with Mexico.

  3. Wassan Singh says:

    I am from lndia I have visited. A. Z two. Time and stayed at Phenix You have not added valley of Prescott its climate and natural beauty l like Prescott more than any city of Arizona Thanku

  4. Black Jack says:

    The best way to explore Arizona is by bicycle. You see a lot more! And you get a great exercise too! I've bicycled from Mesa,AZ, up i17 to Flagstaff, I've cycled to Prescott 4 times!,. I've rode a bicycle up to Payson numerous times, I've cycled to Superior, AZ, countless of times, I've gone further too, cycling all the way to Safford once,. 150 miles of heart pounding adventure, especially the climb up Mount Graham, talk about 26 miles of consistent 7-8 percent grade roads, and nearly 10,000 feet of climbing.

  5. Order11110 says:

    Arizona is purely a DUMP… All desert or plains, with Forest Oasis's here and there. Phoenix metro is most unattractive
    Summers are most unattractive Winters are too short. Hot and Hot and Hotter. No Trees, No Shade, swimming pools are
    incomfortable always hot, no way can you cool off in a Pool in Arizona from Pheonix south.
    sedona is a blink of an eye, small and claustrophobic. It's all just different.
    Everything West of the Mississippi is nothing but Desert or Plains. Until you reach the coast.
    Lots of GANGS, Illegals, MS 13s. Car Jacking, Kidnappings, Murders, HEROIN, Home Invasions, ID Theft,
    SS theft, auto theft, hit and runs. Not just Phoenix the entire state is infiltrated by this disease.

  6. Angel Davila says:

    Literally I don't know why they put Scottsdale, Tucson or Phoenix . To visit in. Arizona.. There's plenty of other natural and beautiful places to visit, this includes Montezuma Castle.. And. I have lived here in PHX. All my life..

  7. Douglas Morgan says:

    Third Generation Arizonian here in my mid-sixties, who paid you to highlight these places???? You missed some of the most spectacular out of the way places that show our diverse landscape. Really Phx and Tucson?

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