36 Hours in Phnom Penh, Cambodia | The New York Times

Even as high rises transform the skyline, a comfortable intimacy can still be found in Phnom Penh’s tree-lined streets, tranquil pagodas, stylish restaurants and …

29 thoughts on “36 Hours in Phnom Penh, Cambodia | The New York Times

  1. Mike Davis says:

    Really disappointed with the New York time. Shame on you producer. You grab a couple of french speaking clowns sipping wines and talk about how great the restaurants are. How about producing something good for general cambodians?

  2. spl744 says:

    This is the whitest view of Cambodia I have ever seen! Where is the local street food, the local dives, hell the local PEOPLE, not just crusty old white expats!

  3. SengThai Pen says:

    I have just left my country to Canada for a couple of months, I feel like i really miss home. Even though Cambodia is a small developing country, I personally think it is way better than Canada including food, people, lifestyles, and so many more.  

  4. John Coppola says:

    This mini doc take on Phnom Penh is so predictable and boring and this is not surprising coming from the NY Times of today which has basically become a corporate "rag" for the arrogant upper crust Manhattanite. French ex pats talking about the nice weather and easy going Cambodians, the Englishman talks about the bar strip where you can get intoxicated and features on restaurants none of which make anything close to what Cambodians actually eat themselves. A basically vacuous review for people who will spend a few days and stay in some 5 star hotel and basically stay away from the natives and only hang out with English speaking residents or Europeans and then fly back to Hong Kong or Singapore.  

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