[4K] 4 Days in Dubai. Must See Places on Your First Visit in Dubai – 2019 UAE

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50 thoughts on “[4K] 4 Days in Dubai. Must See Places on Your First Visit in Dubai – 2019 UAE

  1. Hayman Ahmed says:

    I think there is no place like Dubai, I have been in many cities, but Dubai is very systematic and secure. everything fantastic and a high-quality infrastructure there. Only one negative point is scorching hot weather in particular at summertime,. that's why I prefer to go there from DECEMBER TO FEBRUARY

  2. Rabin Bajracharya says:

    Ok i ll appreciate the video. I didnt visit the dubai but i have work in dubai.
    Trust me the minimum salary is 600 not bcoz they r not educated or not good looking. Just coz they r asian.
    I ll not say its not good to travel in dubai not definitely not the worthy to work

  3. snapa4 says:

    Your country is beautyful! I will visit India next time.

    Do anyone help me discover your country?

    If you are a good man, I think we have excited things together! ❤❤

  4. digitaal digi says:

    For people from Europe is the best place that you must absolutely to visit is the old Dubai there to start en and than in that luxery side near to the Burj Khalifa.

    You have always a bookstore to tell when you go back with your flight an think back to your holliday❤️????????????????????????

  5. Tpolerex says:

    Great videography. The Old City by the waterways looked nice. Surprising to see people actually out walking on a sidewalk- I thought that pretty much doesn’t exist in this city. Some of the building technologies would interest me but very little else- I loathe shopping and need a little more than than purely tourist based destinations and activities. The city seems to lack soul that so many other cities in the world possess in abundance. A great video and tour though. Thanks!

  6. Anjna G says:

    Wow! Very nice video with day to day itinerary. Do they do package tour exactly what you have shown in this video? Or is it easy to go by yourself and buy tickets there and then?

  7. K0i Namasonthi says:

    Very beautiful video????Thank you for your sharing❤Dubai is richest country in the world, Burj Khalifa Building on top the sky, and fortain Dance, extremely clean and ????Large shopping mall and Very beautiful the palm jumeira, and adventure in desert????I am very impressed.❤❤❤

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