A Weekend Apart | JEJU & UDO ISLAND Solo Travel + Alone in Seoul

It was definitely a very different type of weekend for us, as we spent it separately! Kyuho flew down to the beautiful Jeju Island and Udo Island for a fantastic …

46 thoughts on “A Weekend Apart | JEJU & UDO ISLAND Solo Travel + Alone in Seoul

  1. 2hearts1seoul says:

    Thanks so much for watching guys~ Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed the video. '거꾸로 우도여행'에 대한 정보는 영상 밑 '더보기'란에 링크를 첨부했어요 많은 관심 부탁드립니다 🙂 한국어 자막이 안나오실 경우 설정에서 자막cc를 켜주세요! 시청해주셔서 감사합니다~ 구독과 좋아요 잊지 말아주세요!

  2. Lotat MTB says:

    Very enjoyable video. Each filming where each is but hearts always together. And the island scenery is breathtaking. Kyoho seems to be at ease in front of the camera. He makes a good video blogger. Calm composed and sincere. A big thumbs up for this episode. Well done guys.

  3. walniw wal says:

    Can you guys do a video on how to travel from example Incheon to Gimpo to Jeju. Like what mode of transport to take. Can we foreigners just buy a last minute air ticket at Gimpo, or do we have to purchase online in advance, things like that. As a foreigner to your country, simple info like these does help. Thanks.

  4. SUJIN KIM says:

    규호님과 세라님은 항상 짝꿍인데 ㅎㅎ 규호님이 혼자 가신 모습을 보니 신기하네요 . 그나저나 우도 들어가는 배가 엄청 멀미가 심하다고 들었는데 규호님은 배멀미 안하시나봐요..!! 배에서 영상 촬영하시는거 보고 깜짝 놀랐네요 ????????

  5. zizibubbles says:

    2 things surprised me during this video:
    1. When Kyuho said "a huge fight." I was so shocked & was like "What?!"
    2. My husband saw only Kyuho's clips because he was going in and out of the room. He was like, "Where is Sarah?" Lol, I didn't know that he knows because we never really watch youtube video together unless it is a documentary. Then again, I only watch 3 vloggers weekly, and one of them is you guys. Nonetheless, I was surprised that he knows your names! 🙂

  6. Alivia McNeil says:

    This is by far one of your best vlogs! I loved all the footage 🙂 I have one question for Sarah – were you nervous staying in the apartment by yourself overnight? Whenever my husband has had to take trips I always get so nervous staying alone! ????❤️

  7. Danny Fenty says:

    You guys are like animal saints! Everywhere you go animals always seem to love you and find you! ???? anyways I have to agree with everyone here! It was sad watching you both in different areas in Korea, you’re a duo and if the other one is missing it’s not complete. Ps your vlogs always put me in such a good mood, the editing is done so amazing! I love you guys so much

  8. Meo Gia says:

    What was the purpose of Kyuho’s trip? Business or pleasure? I don’t understand why can’t wait for Sarah to go along. All those women just love Kyuho and I don’t blame them.

  9. planetzito says:

    I've been to Udo Island 3 years ago, it felt like a dreamy place. Surrounded 360 by sea, scenic peaks, lighthouses, variety of beaches with white sand, dark rock formations, sound of gentle waves, cute and charming cafes/shops. Udo is small, you can tour the entire island in about 5 hours with motor vehicle rentals. But I suggest staying over one night to see stunning sunset and sunrise. Udo is a type of island for a nice one day getaway to clear your mind and start fresh.

  10. Sushi Ling says:

    Thanks for sharing your life with us Sarah and Kyuho! Watching the video makes me wish that one day I could find someone like Kyuho, someone who cherish the love one and just have a simple life.

  11. 제로 says:

    다닐때마다 강아지가 깜짝등장해서 너무귀엽네요 고양이와 강아지의 등장 너무 좋습니다ㅎㅎ 다음엔 세라님과 함께 가신거 보고싶습니다

  12. nukem384 says:

    That's a really pretty island! Next time we go to Korea, I definitely wanted to hit up Jeju-do, but this one looks really pretty as well! Time to do some research and maybe check out both instead! Thanks for the info. on this island!

  13. Deena NoniDagoo says:

    The trip Kyuho went to looks amazing !! Would like to give a try with this tour one day ! 
    It was a cool experience to see a couple in a videos together , but this time from both their own eyes . 
    ( Bet Beemo was happy to have Sarah all to himself …hahaha !! )

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