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Auckland – The most populous of New Zealand’s cities with the attractions to match. Check out the best things to do in the city and start planning a trip of your …

43 thoughts on “Auckland Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. victor gonzalez says:

    Aukland Il'be there in 1 year or so I've always thought is the perfect place to study and have a good time with the people and friends party at night. Go cycling and fishing my dream will make come true soon. ????????

  2. Short Fuse says:

    i never wanted to travel anywhere.and i never had any interest in new zealand but,….lately im having this weird urge to go there on vacation for a week or so.and i have no idea where its coming from and why now….

  3. anne marie says:

    It's the first time am going to New Zealand. I would be traveling alone. How does the public transport works. I I need some guide. Can anyone tell me more about Auckland.

  4. K. A. says:

    Maybe it’s because I live in a city with almost no parks, but Auckland’s parks are the most beautiful parks I’ve seen. So many plants and green grass!

  5. Michael Heliotis says:

    Videos like this are so much better when you have an actual New Zealander who doesn't butcher the pronunciation of Maori words and says things like "the North Island" rather than the improper "North Island".

  6. Trâm Nguyễn says:

    Hi admin, I want to ask u something. I want to use your video to introduce New Zealand for Vietnamese. would you mind if I edit your video and tranfer it into vietnamese?
    Thank you so much!

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