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Barcelona – dive into the Catalan creativity that has defined the city and draws millions to its heart each year. After this video, you’ll see why! Check out all the …

48 thoughts on “Barcelona Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Expedia says:

    We spent days exploring Barcelona, but as everyone who has ever visited quickly discovers, it would take weeks just to scratch the surface. What’s your favourite travel trip for Barcelona?

  2. emilia13ful says:

    My second favourite city in Europe. It was number one, until I went to Prague. ???? Amazing Barcelona, Gaudi's architecture is breath taking, Parc Guelle, Sagrada Familia lots to admire and enjoy.

  3. AnSonn xtv says:

    Thanks Expedia for yet another beautiful exposition . The music and accent is enchanting , yes ? Lovely city with great history and architecture . There are so many gorgeous structures all over the place and many more outlets to savour the local cuisine ; you can't suffer from ennui here . Actually an antidote in fact .

  4. Joleto Superiano says:

    I never been in any other countries but it seems I was already there as I watch videos from Xpedia. Thanks for the High quality videos and information. Hope to visit other countries. As the Lord's will.

  5. Tariq Rafique says:

    I went to Barcelona this August it’s amazing it’s my favourite city just a tip try to visit may June or September October 2 things it’s not too hot on those months and it’s not extremely busy. This is the only city after Prague where I want to go back again.

  6. Asad says:

    Ive been to Barcelona and must tell you.. Park Guell isnt a place to miss if u r visiting the city… its simply breathtaking n u wud end up admiring the amazing talent of Antoni Gaudi.. Tibidabo is another place you could visit to get an amazing view of the entire city..

  7. Can't think of a creative username says:

    You should cover Istanbul in the next time. Is a very historic city, former capital of 2 great empires, that embraces roman/byzantine (even though the majority of it is in ruins or at least very old) and turkish/Muslim style in its architecture. It's also very populated so it has to be a fun city, with festivals and tradition.

  8. OsiagneSwojCel Official says:

    Hey cool video! I see you like traveling like me! I will gladly add you as a subscriber and i waiting for your next movies, maybe I will learn something from your shots and you from mine. I invite you to my YouTube channel.

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