California: The Best & Worst of Visiting California

The Best & Worst of Visiting California. From the amazing beaches and parks like Yosemite to the craft beer and food restaurants all throughout the state …

34 thoughts on “California: The Best & Worst of Visiting California

  1. ssue says:

    Okay so you said to stay 10 minutes out of town in San Diego. So I've never been there what towns are you referring to? Please answer thanks in advance

  2. Chase Fromm says:

    1:15 wow. that shot of san diego (my birthplace) has a VERY jungle vibe to it- even though eucalyptus trees are on the right side of the shot and that is what gives the shot off as a jungle-ish vibe. i do like it however 🙂

  3. A Lemon says:

    As being born here in California and living here all my life at 24 Years old. Is it bad that I never Rode the SF Trolleys, Although I been to SF multiple times, Never been to Yosemite, Never been to the Gient Red wood trees and Never been to Beverly Hills and Griffith Park? It was my First time in Sandiago just this last Summer, … I guess Life all really comes down to money money money, Also friends that are willing to go with you

  4. locksmith says:

    California is a shithole. People are fleeing this state in droves. I live in the beautiful state of Nevada. Liberal idiots have already started destroying this state too.

  5. Lee Bridges says:

    Born and bred Californian here, and I'll live here for the rest of my life (though I've traveled around the world). A few additions: 1) Be sure to research the "high season" in popular parks such as Yosemite and Joshua Tree; you may need early reservations. 2) You will need permits in advance for popular outdoor activities such as climbing Half Dome or Mt. Whitney. 3) Our food is really incredible. California can grow anything, and then chefs come from around the world to play with it. Be sure to visit a farmer's market, hit all the mom-and-pop ethnic places you can, and NEVER visit a chain restaurant if you can help it. 4) Intellectual? Head for the Huntington in San Marino, CalTech, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and several other places. We have some of the best universities, libraries, and lectures on the planet.

  6. anibal_bastian says:

    As a Swedish citizen i dont think LA is worth it, due to how bad it can be after sundown i rather backpack to Australia next year.

    Not to mention if you drive wrong and come in southcentral or east LA, watts and crenshaw/compton. plus they dont have any real architects and are extremly expensive in renting apartments.

  7. Randomnoobi says:

    I'm a Californian born and raised in the Bay Area and I wholeheartedly approve this video. Everything you said was spot on Mark. Love, love, love this state, I've traveled the world, but will always come home to beautiful Cali!

  8. Jay MacDonald says:

    This state has a lot of con artists! If you are not from here and you get homeless, I guarantee they will throw you in a mental hospital! Once you are a"mental patient" everyone shuns you and they never talk to you ever again! Also the Mafia runs this state.

  9. 80sGamerLady says:

    Two dream trips, to visit the Redwood Forest and Napa Valley. I went twice to Cali and one time was a layover in LAX to Hawaii so, I didn't get to see much of SoCal 24 hours. I'm more a nature girl. The city isn't my thing anyway. So definitely will be doing a more Northern Cali trip.

  10. laidbackjack - says:

    Great representation of our city! Us southern Californians love our carne asada fries. I say if you come in the winter time try going up to big bear mountain park we do get snow up there (about 1-2 hours from san Diego). Spot on with the traffic and theme parks ,as expensive as it is here I cant think of living anywhere else. Thanks for the love walter!

  11. T Ritchie says:

    I work with a boy that's from California. He claims that the part he's from is a bunch of farms and normal people. According to him they don't like being associated with LA and San Francisco.

  12. Amy Mukai says:

    I'm from California and I can agree to all of this, especially in how people don't understand how spread apart everything is. Like the national parks and the amusement parks are not within driving distance

  13. Esperanza Quiles says:

    I live in SF and I have never been so south California or to sand dunes and many more thing and not even all of SF and the whole state is to big to explore at once and also you need to come when there is no major fires in California because it can get really unhealthy and schools where canceled because of fires and smoke.

  14. Richard Mortenson says:

    In California we don’t just tolerate other peoples, we embrace them. We want people to come here and bring their culture with them: their music, their customs, their food(!), their dress, their religion, their holidays, their food (think I already mentioned that). It’s almost like we don’t have to travel the world – the world comes to us.

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