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The Cook Islands – The land of pristine white sands fringed by coconut palms. Experience the castaway island magic as you follow our journey through paradise …

46 thoughts on “Cook Islands Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Kiana Henry says:

    It was Pedro Fenandez De Quiro a Portuguese Spainiard the first european who discovered the islands. He landed in Rakahanga in 1606. Captain James Cook arrived in 1773 and named the islands Hervey Islands. Fifty years later a Russian Admiral Adam Johann Von Krusenstern named the islands after James Cook. Which is the Cook Islands.

  2. James Coco says:

    I’m glad for the video but at the same time I condemn the advertising of it, I don’t want it to be over visited by a huge crowd of tourists which will do nothing but ruin it.

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