Ecuadorian Food – 5 Things You Must Eat in Ecuador

What should you eat in Ecuador? How about Popcorn as a Side Dish? Grubs in the Amazon? Yes there are some interesting foods in Ecuador and here are our …

40 thoughts on “Ecuadorian Food – 5 Things You Must Eat in Ecuador

  1. triky5384 says:

    Nice Video Dr. Mark. You managed to put out a LOT of information on a short video. Just to add to the information on the video: The best pork related food is in the highlands like Quito and surroundings and Cuenca; for secos or encebollados Guayaquil is the place; for seafood related and green plantain paradise food, Manabi province is the best. You can usually have all the named foods anywhere in Ecuador but to get the real deal it's best to get the specialized local food ????

  2. Angel S says:

    I couldn't believe how good the Chinese food was. The fruit is phenomenal!! Best watermelon and magos I've had in years. Obviously also the things you mentioned.

  3. Sandra Guzmán Martínez says:

    Hey! An Ecuadorian here (from Quito) just to thank you because I happen to be visiting in Cornwall (UK) and was trying to show or explain about our food to my host family and this video is perfect. There are tons of things left out but still a great video. One of my favorite snacks is chochos con tostado and my next favorite is empanada de morocho. If you pass by Cuenca try cascaritas (another way of preparing pork skin) it's delicious!

  4. Alli Eliz says:

    I’m from ambato Ecuador i grew up in the United States but the food i grew up having definitely very underrated ceviche is my favorite and encebollado yum ! Haven’t met one American who hasn’t fell in love with the food yet ♥️

  5. WingNutBuster says:

    Just a note, there was something an Ecuadorian relative sent which seemed to be chocolate, but with absolutely no sugar. It was chunks of basically cocoa and we ended up throwing it out cuz it was just too… ech… Didn't like the taste.

  6. Jpe2 says:

    Did you were in Cuenca?, they have something they call "Cascaritas" it´s roasted pork skin, if you liked the "fritada" and "hornado" you should definitely try that the next time you come to Ecuador. I like your video anyway!, good to see you like our food.

  7. Erick Landaburu says:

    You shoukd have travel to the ecuadorian coast, you just show us dishes from the serra, there´s a lot of tasty dishes in the ecuadorian coast like encebollado, caldo de salchicha, guatita, arroz marinero, cangrejos (crabs) bolon de verde, bollos, so if you come someday do not forget to visit our beaches and the other ecuadorian big city called Guayaquil, you are going to love the gastronomy.

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