Epic London Travel Guide and Tips (PART 1)

The Epic Wanderers highlight some of their favorite sights on a ten day trip to London, while researching Christina’s next book and receiving a Chapter Con …

2 thoughts on “Epic London Travel Guide and Tips (PART 1)

  1. G&K says:

    Wow 20 days worth of clothes in one suitcase. ???? Good job it would be super hard for me. Thanks for sharing!
    London would be cool to visit.
    Now subscribed would love for us to support each other. ????

  2. Summer says:

    Hi Christina Benjamin, I am in love with your series "The Geneva Project". Not that long ago you came to my school and gave us Truth the first book of your series. I loved it and ordered the second one immediately after. Secrets was such a good book that made me go through so many emotions; sadness, happiness, confusion, and anger. Towards the end of the book I started to cry which rarely happens because it was just so good. As you said, once you finish a good book you don't know what to read next. Well I wanted to get the third book immediately! I ordered it from Barns and Noble and I am waiting patiently for it. What my point is, is that I am having a very hard time finding the last book of your series which is Destiny. When I was at Barns and Noble they said that Destiny doesn't get printed anymore? So I had to leave Barns and Noble empty handed. Today I just checked Amazon to see if it was available again and to my surprise it was! But unfortunately it cost $1,174! Now I don't know if you would spend one thousand dollars on a book but for me that is exspensive. I would like to know if maybe you can help me out maybe give me a link to a place I could buy it (for a reasonable price). Or if you can even contact a publisher..
    My dad is trying to contact you but I just wanted to say this to you here.

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