Guernsey Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia Guernsey is the second largest of the Channel Islands. Just twenty-five square miles in …

44 thoughts on “Guernsey Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Stu Revelle says:

    As a one-time uk based yachtie, I have sailed many times to Guernsey, Jersey and Alderney. I think Guernsey and Jersey have very different atmospheres from each other and both are equally delightful.
    Alderney, on the other hand is where I'd go to find peace and solitude to recharge the batteries.
    Nice video … btw, at 6.03 "… all the MORE sweeter"??

  2. Calum John Roberts says:

    It's a 50 minute flight from Gatwick and even though some parts of it are very deprived and run down. There other parts which are simply beautiful and I enjoyed every second of my 3 day trip there. Definitely going to go again probably in Summer 2020.

  3. Calum John Roberts says:

    This is going to be an unpopular opinion. But I can't stand this place. It's prentenous, and uninspiring. No-wonder they didn't make the Guernsey film in Guernsey. Though it wasn't always like this up until about 2005 this place was inspiring and beautiful, now it's a rundown dump, I really wished it wasn't but it is. Don't be fooled by this misleading video.

  4. simbo0ne says:

    Some strange pronunciations and not much of the the many beaches and bays outside of the the main town area, but overall not a bad overview of our little island! Thanks.

  5. I. B. McGinty says:

    **Expedia scams you by raising prices when it's bots see you're ready to book a room. Prices can jump $10-$100 in seconds. The little windows telling you other people are looking at the same room is pure fuckery. You can look at a room for days in a 50 room hotel and they never sell out. This scam is as old as time and truly a shame. Stay away from Expedia and book directly trough the hotel's site. Join the hotel brand's loyalty club, or sign up for email specials from smaller hotels a few weeks before you book to get an honest deal. Expedia is some bull shit… I'm just sayin'.**

  6. Bhagyaraj Raval says:

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  7. provenelk says:

    Lmao some of these pronounciations. For some reason Castle Cornet is Castle Cor-nau but Petit Bot is literally Petit Bot. It's pronounced Petit Bow, and Castel is pronounced Catel. Lol

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