43 thoughts on “Helsinki Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. M F says:

    I’d love to do a trip someday where I could visit Finland, Estonia and Russia. I think that would be a great trip, though really expensive I’m sure!

  2. Amran siddik says:

    Helsinki what a beautiful country. The islands and the lakes are what did it for me. From the UK so i don't get to see stuff like this. Honestly it's soon beautiful. You have to go and see to understand. Finlands natural beauty is unbilivably amazing. If you go spend time visiting the islands and lakes. It's very similar to Canada in that respect. If you live in Europe it should be first on your list to visit. Got more then what I expected when I went there. But do go in the summer because Finland has some long winters. It's also very cheap to visit. I paid a little over a 100 pounds

  3. De U says:

    so many monuments and architectural masterpieces for a seriously underrated city. Helsinki is more beautiful than one would think of it prior to visiting it.

  4. Nino Kupatadze says:

    oh my god!????????.
    Helsinki is very beautiful???????? I want go here???? and left whole my life .I like here beach???????? lots of beautiful palaces???? I think that here must go everyone????????. also I like square⛺⛲. it is very good and beautiful I love very much animals???????????????????? and beautiful.i think that it is really good Drea????????????

    buildings ????????????????
    I Love you Helsinki ????????????

  5. Mtvarisa Dgebuadze says:

    wow????????thay was really good i am exciting i like evrything but specially i like buildings ♥️♥️????❤❤❤and columns was really good i love this country so much♥️♥️♥️♥️????????????????????

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