How I Spent 24 HOURS IN SINGAPORE – Things to do in Singapore (Travel Guide 2019)

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49 thoughts on “How I Spent 24 HOURS IN SINGAPORE – Things to do in Singapore (Travel Guide 2019)

  1. Ken Sim says:

    forindian food oumusttrythechicken masala and mix the masala gravy with the rice which is super yummy andnot too sicy like th malay version therendang beef or lamb! tandoori tend to be too dry

  2. Ken Sim says:

    good find kiliney road kopitiamisthe original shop thst started all these kayatoast trend andtheeggs reperfely halfboiled to perfeioni knocause i usedtlvearoundthecorner on lloyd road and i so sadlymissed living tere its ucha conviently located

  3. John15 Photography says:

    your soy sauce is still too much.
    the egg is the main star. the soy sauce serves to lift the taste, not to become the main taste.
    Try 1/2 teaspoon for a start.
    and actually, there are 2 versions.
    the light soy sauce, and the dark (and thicker) one.
    the dark one is way better.

    Just sayin'

  4. Lizza Smith says:

    Janice, love your personality and positive attitude. I’m a Singaporean living in Toronto the last two decades. Your vlogs are always delightful to watch and authentic. Wishing you all the best and thanks for sharing your journey and life adventures. LITERALLY, you can do no wrong.

  5. 美美 says:

    I really like your videos which about singapore ~~is so relax and let me saw the singapore because i want to go to singapore too~~i hope you can go singapore again and make more videos about singapore, your video is really good????????????

  6. Robin Shreeve says:

    Hi Janice – another great video. Like me you might take Scoot a lot to Singapore. I really like them – good seats and great prices. It does not really matter that the standard of their food is no where near what you are sampling on the ground in Singapore. Look forward to the next blogs.

  7. Faith’s Fate says:

    Hello Janice! I personally think that for a tourist, you are really good at eating the local foods and you do know how to enjoy! I also think that the research you have done is really extensive because you know the showtimes for gardens by the bay and what to eat etc. You are astounding! I think you are a really smart traveller!

  8. Eujiboo says:

    You really love your chicken/roast meats rice whenever you're in Singapore HAHAHA. I'd say its pretty much impossible to visit all the places and try all the good food in Singapore in a day – there's really a lot to do and enjoy but it also requires a lot of walking (and some times the weather makes it difficult too especially in between places without a shelter) or just on a typical very, very sunny day. A good week should be plenty, to try out different foods, go on heritage tours or fancy attractions. Some places are more populated in the day while other places are showy at night (like light shows at Gardens by the Bay or in front of MBS etc.). Other places include museums, they're are a great way to check out the history of Singapore (most entries don't cost much), zoos and aquariums, USS and all the other touristy places. Historical landmarks, places with wall murals or seeing the contrast between the old and new Singapore is great for photographers as well.

  9. Henry Wong says:

    Is abit pricey, but you definitely must try the chilli crab with buns next time. There is also the black / white pepper version. There is alot more nice food away from the more tourist areas, eating is Singapore official national pastime. 🙂

  10. Nick and Helmi says:

    kaya toast is like a literate must jan – hit the right spot 😀 – that ice cream uncle is still there – love his icecream the 2 years i lived there i love it – nothing better on a hot day to support the local grandpa, hes nice too

  11. The Mamuchos says:

    I was wondering one, why was it so dark when you got in frame but also, why were there a bunch of people walking towards your camera lol
    It seemed like they were gonna start talking there lol

  12. Angel Lai says:

    I just moved to Singapore and this gives me ideas for where to go hahah
    And I can’t help but imagine how you set up a camera and filmed yourself walk by and picked up the camera and set up for the next shot lol I really appreciate the effort you paid into this!

  13. The InvisibleGaijin says:

    I came across a couple of your vlogs about travelling in Singapore as I was curious about the perspectives of youtubers visiting my country. Then I noticed that this is a really young channel and you had to make a decision to quit a stable corporate job to do this. I commend your bravery and wish you success! I also hope you enjoy what you're doing now and don't get burn out!

  14. Jameson Dominique says:

    Still too much dark soy sauce. Go easier next time. Another option: instead of Lau PA Sat, Maxwell Food Centre was actually much nearer to Amoy Food Centre and it's where Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice resides. Gordon Ramsay had been there too I believe? Not sure. Have you tried the numerous vegan food cuisine we have here while you were here? Would you like to have a list to try it out next time?

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