How To Do The Swiss Alps | 2019 Travel Guide | Jungfrau Region

We spent 7 days exploring the Swiss Alps as a family and it was beyond anything I could have imagined. We tried to gather together our best practices and …

39 thoughts on “How To Do The Swiss Alps | 2019 Travel Guide | Jungfrau Region

  1. Cody Wanner says:

    Oh my goodness. I hate commenting on your videos because there is so much to talk about. I can’t write a book on this one. So just, that reservoir water!? WHAT?

    Ok but last thing why isn’t this sponsored. This vid will crack a million over its lifetime. All the brands missed out. All of them.

  2. Miles Bowden says:

    Iz, is there any chance of knowing the music playlist? There are a couple a great tunes and I'd like to know what they are. Great video by the way! We're off to Switzerland and the Jungfrau area next year! Thanks ????????

  3. Breen Cabrera says:

    very informative. this will truly help me do this Alps vacation. ithis inspires me to do this vacation with my hubby. God willing it will manifests into reality. i love this. thank u so much.

  4. Veronica Watson says:

    Not a tip for the Alps, but for Switzerland in general: the walk along Lake Geneva/Lac Leman between Montreaux and Chateau de Chillon was BEAUTIFUL when I did it in the spring a few years ago. Not very long or difficult, but they had the most gorgeous flowers planted all along it; those plus the lake and the mountains on all sides made for incredible views. Plus the Chateau was fun to explore – way more comfortable and easy going than other historical sites I’ve been to. One of my best travel days ever and I highly recommend if you end up closer to Geneva next time.

  5. Rizza Malonzo says:

    Hi Iz. Thanks for your tips and recommendations. We followed almost everything that you’ve said, it really worked and we had so much fun in the alps. I also created a video of our trip and I even copied some of the songs in your video, aw! So sorry for that. Your video is truly inspiring. ❤️

  6. Chris Jones says:

    I just got back from Switzerland- in particular, Jungfrau and Interlaken; it was a surprise trip for my girlfriend as a gift on our anniversary. I specifically planned this trip because of your video and, months later, wanted to come back and say thank you for inspiring me Iz. You're the best.

  7. Alissa McCue says:

    Two of the best hikes I did when I went to this region: one was from the town of Murren down to Gimmelwald (breathtaking!) and the second hike was from the First to Bachalpsee. There is a lake that is so serene set amongst the peaks of the Alps (again… breathtaking!). This region is absolutely beautiful and well worth having on your travel list!

  8. cmculver says:

    I'm new to your channel and still making my way through so I hope my comment isn't redundant but my wife and I would love to see you discuss involving your children in your travel lifestyle. We're making an effort to travel more and we want to include our kids and it seems like you have a system… or approach… in place that works for you and would love to hear more about it.

    Love the videos!

  9. Fabiola Supit says:

    hi Iz, new subscriber here! So in love with your travel video. but can you give me tips on what to do with the kids (or who looks after them) when parents day out like when you did parasailing (which is so cool, OMG new travel goals)

  10. Omar Yousuf says:

    Great great vid!

    I have some questions… were going to switzerland next month and im trying to figure out the best way to do it! We fly into Zurich but OUT of Milan. And We have about 5 days total for it all. I know its crammed, but I was thinking to fly into Zurich, get to Interlaken area ASAP and to our hotel, which as of now is in Lauterbrunnen (may change it). From there, doing two days/3 nights in the are, with mostly what youve done in this vid…From there, my main issue is getting to Chur, from which we take the bernina express down to Tirano/Lugano etc. Ive heard the track that the bernina express runs on actually services other trains as well, which are cheaper and run throughout the day, but just have smaller windows to look out of…that way we could leave interlaken early morning, get to Chur and take one of those down into Italy without having to spend a night in Chur. Any recommendations/comments? We have two and a half days in Como before we fly out back to the states from Milan. If I absolutely have to, I may scratch Milan and change our return to be out of Zurich but I really want to do the bernina express route and see it! Thanks!

  11. Nancy Brito says:

    This video is the reason why my cousin and I will be heading to Wengen next year. This is the second time I've watched it and I STILL LOVE IT. Thank you thank you thank you! It's SO useful.

  12. Sarah Averett says:

    I don't usually even finish the end of a travel video, let alone comment on it, but I just have to say this was one of the best travel videos I have ever seen! So informative, but captivating, and super hilarious! You and Johnny make an awesome team and I am definitely here for the long haul! P.S. We are hoping to go to Europe in the spring for our ten year anni {whoop!}, and the Swiss Alps are one of the top three things I care to visit, so thank you so much for these tips!! ♥️

  13. Alonso Diaz says:

    I befriended two swiss girls during a summer trip through Europe, and they invited me to visit them in Zurich. After arriving, we went to a restaurant somewhere in the hills of Zurich which had the best chicken I've ever had, and the best view I've seen. We arrived right at sunset, and when we were leaving, the Full Moon was as big as I've ever seen it. Obviously I fell in love with the girls, Zurich, and Switzerland as a whole.
    The next day, they proposed a trip to Interlaken. We drove like two hours, and as soon as I saw the lake, I was in complete shock. What a lovely place it is. We just walked around for a few hours, bought chocolate, and decided it was a good idea to have a picnic somewhere. We took the car up the road, and found a road up a hill. We parked, and walked around till we find a nice field where we could eat. The view of the swiss Alps was so beautiful. It was the best picnic ever.

  14. YoutubERIN says:

    Amazing video! I live very close to Interlaken and it was awesome to watch your video because I got to see the Bernese Oberland from a different perspective. There is one fact though I don't completly agree with. I think the Jungfrau Travel Pass gets you even 50 per cent off for the Jungfraujoch:).

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