How Vancouver might create new rentals through zoning

The Vancouver housing market could see a rise in rental properties if rental-only zoning is approved by the city. A new report by city staff recommends sweeping …

25 thoughts on “How Vancouver might create new rentals through zoning

  1. someone else says:

    Of course the nimbies in Kits are upset. Property-owning, retired boomers who don't want their neighbourhood's character to change (or their multi-million dollar investments to lose value)

    A city benefits from more people living in it. Utilities are easier to provide, transit is more cost-effective, businesses thrive. I hope we can all agree on that. Good luck Vancouver.

  2. Mary Jane says:

    That's why the city sells half the city to forgien buyers, so they can drive the cost of living way up, and standards down.. Our government allows this. It's happening in Northern BC now where the housing market was good just a few years ago..

  3. Po101080 says:

    I agree re-zoning would help, but this method takes way too long. I don't think the problem is that there isn't enough housing. I walk by lots of newly built townhouses and high rises, so it's not that they don't exist, it's that they're priced so high that they might as well not exist because I sure as hell won't be able to afford one in my lifetime even…It's obvious that the skyrocketing prices are due to artificial inflating and this bubble will pop sooner or later once we do something to tackle the real problem, which is foreign investment (e.g. the mainland chinese parking their black money here, and house flipping)

  4. Norquay says:

    Larry Benge and people like him are the problem in most cities. They are clinging to something that can't exist as cities get bigger, unless of course you build a city for only the very wealthy. Zoning is the problem. As a city gets bigger and bigger the only way to effectively grow is up. To have places like Kitsilano (and I'm not surprised at all Larry is from this area) becomes an anathema to the further development of a well run and affordable city. Let me ask this; the GVA area has a population of ~2 million people, what happens at 4 million, 8 million, etc…, do people in Kits and other housing areas close to the centre of Vancouver, really believe that that houses can actually exist. The same problem is occurring in Toronto with areas such as Cabbagetown, Trinity-Bellwoods, etc… The city councils are NOT doing their job. They're catering to a few people, like Larry Benge, because their opponents are still ghosts (the don't live there yet) and won't exist unless the multistory units are built. If you want a single family house, you're going to have to live further and further outside the city or the city can't be allowed to grow, but let's all be selfish and destroy the true character of the cities…the People…not the bloody houses

  5. Rycharde Ewain Powell says:

    Good Going Vancouver. Step on the people dream of Owning their own home! The Liberals Greed is alive in the City of Vancouver B.C. with Rentals, that would make One person rich. and Everyone else in poverty! And they will send their life just working very hard, just to pay the rent. And not have a life. The Evil Liberals dreams of Slavery is alive in Canada!

  6. Michel Larabie says:

    that would be perfect for a retiree like who is moving to Van. So we can in fact live AND have a life at the same time, It's time rental costs were capped off. Greedy land and housing organizations won't like it much but they to face reality and not charge way over the top rental costs where only rich people can afford.

  7. Mike McBride says:

    Look at all that green energy hard at work.. remember folks everything WE BUILD is from CARBON. HEY GUESS WHAT we are a carbon based life form on a carbon based planet. Just some science for all you smart NDP/Liberals killing our country.

  8. solo777999 says:

    i live in north vancouver thye are building lots of apartments a bachelor apartments os 1700 not inclidong bills and probably other fees the buildings are half empty a 1 bedroom is 2200

  9. Tesh Osborne says:

    Meanwhile Kamloops is building homes for the homeless all over the city .. 45 to 65 units in each one. Whats wrong Vancouver ?? Why are you not building them also. ???? Instead we get people from all over Canada here needing a space to call home..

  10. ZRHChrisLee says:

    doesn’t matter where on the world u take a look there are always housing shortages but always single family house zones like crazy ???? stop dreaming about your own house those days are long gone unfortunately (except for the upper rich of course)

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