Lake Tahoe Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia (4K) Filled with over 39 trillion gallons of pure Sierra snowmelt and pushed a mile into the …

30 thoughts on “Lake Tahoe Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia (4K)

  1. Jacob Unoholelei says:

    (I, think. It's? Pretty? Clear! What's? Going! On. Here! We've? Got. It? All? Maybe! That's? Why? You. Don't? Want. Anyone! Here! It. Doesn't? Exist? There's? No. Right! Guarantee! But. Let's? Assume! For? The sake! Of? Arguement! That's? The last! Thing. You! Want. To! Hear? To! Get. Us! Out. Of? Here! Oh! Now! It. Make's? Sense? Suspend! All. Intelligence! And common! Sense? That's? What? I, wanted.)

  2. Cameron Kramer says:

    you don’t have to believe me and i don’t expect you to. but, i was doing a dive over by rubicon point and i was about 180ft below the surface when i saw this shark looking creature. it was ENORMOUS. it was a good 40 ft away from me and appeared to be 12ft+. i’m thinking there could possibly be a fresh water species of shark that has adapted to the cold. but it was not a large trout or bass or whatever. i know what they look like. i can tell you this, something is living in tahoe that we don’t know about.

  3. I søngbīrd I says:

    Man, i so wish I lived here. It's so beautiful. My uncle lives here(he even built his own house here!) and I wish I lived there aswell. Going this week. Man, I cant even explain in words how excited I am to breathe the air of this fine, fine crisp beautiful air, with its alpine and cedar smell. Damn.

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