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Catch a glimpse of the famous London town! Or more than a glimpse – we’ll show you through the whole city. When ready, browse vacation packages to …

30 thoughts on “London Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. AnSonn xtv says:

    It's human nature not to be impressed by the place your were born and brought up in . Actually the appreciation sets in after you leave it . With a city like London comparisons help – in all departments ! London dazzles and seduces in equal measure .

  2. AnSonn xtv says:

    I remember my visit to London when I used to leave in the morning at 0800 in the morning and get back at 1000 in the night , tired but deliriously sated .After 10 days I realised that I'd barely scratched the surface .A man who is tired of London is fed up of life.

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