Mexico City Travel Guide

Mexico City.. a sprawling capital home to over 20 million people. And while Mexico is known for its beautiful beach towns, it seems that the capital city itself is …

47 thoughts on “Mexico City Travel Guide

  1. Vinny Ortiz says:

    Thanks a lot for your very informative video, Regarding the Montezuma's Revenge, as far as I know many tourist that are traveling to countries such Mexico as well as Tropical ones, are taking a medication named "Dukoral" which helps to prevent gastric intestinal illnesses, well at least that's here in Canada, by the way nice shot at 16:08 haha, greetings

  2. Martha Crawley says:

    Thank you so much for taking me back to my City my natal City (Where I was born)???????????? Verde Blanco y Colorado los colores de mi nación I’m so proud to be Mexican very very blessed????????❤️????

  3. SF Dell says:

    I am returning to CDMX soon, hence, I am watching You Tube videos to curb my excitement and pick up a few tips. I truly appreciate the narrative tone of this video for several reasons. First, the fact that it is devoid of hype and repetition is so user friendly. Second, the fact that many travel logs are recorded by people who are themselves first time visitors: this is not that. Third, no countdown, number 10, 9, 8 etc. etc. Fourth, I will reiterate the first two.

  4. Love & Luggage says:

    Absolutely love this! ???? This makes me want to book my next trip asap. Definitely going to subscribe. We just started a couples travel vlog so this is motivation! Check us out! We're a smaller channel but hoping to grow and support other channels with travel inspo like this one!????❤️????????????????

  5. Dick Grayson says:

    We Mexicans do only ask for one simple thing: respect, if you approach our country and our culture with respect we will open our house to you, offer you our friendship and make sure you have a great time here. Btw loved the taco dance.

  6. Tim Obrien says:

    This is the first time ive seen ur channel…..absolutely well done brother….very informative ….funny u covered all the bases… now a subscriber…..thanks my friend keep up the good work

  7. Ailicec says:

    Love this! Awesome job on your video! I usually land in Mexico City on my way to Morelos, but am slowly getting to know the city. This video makes me super excited to see more of the city. Love Xochimilco!

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