Miami Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia With its pristine beaches and palm tree-lined streets, Miami is one of the top tourist …

42 thoughts on “Miami Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Marco says:

    What a lovely place. I have seen it a lot of times in movies, tv shows and videogames. I like the colours, the beaches, nature, the weather, the latin cultural aspect. Wow it's getting time to get out of my european hole and pay a visit to Florida. I hope you like tourists. Great video!

  2. Carlos D. Amaya says:

    "I live where you vacation" really comes into play with this city. Although there are bad areas like little Havana and allapatah. The city is beautiful, always full of life and the frequent events that happen here never let you down. Everything from the Ultra music festival to the F1 racing festival. And let's not even talk about the food… though there is a fluctuation of Cubans left and right, this has to be the most diverse city I've ever been in. I personally have friends from all over the world and each one of them has something unique to say about their home country. Miami really does open up your eyes to a whole perspective of what it's like to be from any part of the world.

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