Milan and Lake Como

Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide | No trip to Italy is complete without Milan and Lake Como. In Milan we’ll take a peek at Italy’s highest fashion, fanciest delis, …

31 thoughts on “Milan and Lake Como

  1. วินัย วินัย says:

    สีส้ม สีเขียวและสีเหลือง สีส้มตัดกับสี
    สีเขียวที่Loletto สีเขียวตัดกับสายเหลืองที่Centale(เชนตาเล่)เพื่อต่อไป
    ที่อื่นตั๋วรถใช้ได้75นาที ถ้าขึ้นรถไฟใต้ดินได้เที่ยวเดียวแต่สามารถใช้ตั๋ว

  2. patmo131 says:

    Actually, both Mussolini and Hitler were left-wing extremists. They were avowed socialists. In fact the Fascistas, founded by Mussolini, had in their charter to make all of Europe socialist. Please don't attribute any of their horrid deeds to the "right wing."

  3. lila 123456789 says:

    Ignore this comment as this is a personal msg for someone

    For the guy that idk the name

    I dont understand you.
    Your mind is not working in a normal way especially that you married her and then you are suddenly regretting it lol. Check ur sanity lol

  4. Humza Akbar says:

    Italy is the most beautiful country in the world-
    It has the best history(Rome and Pompeii)
    It has the best islands (capri)
    It has the best coastlines(amalfi)
    It has the most beautiful lakes (lake como and lake garda)
    It has the most beautiful mountains(the dolamites)
    It has the worlds shopping capital(milan)
    It has the best art(florence)
    It has beautiful canals(venice)
    It has the most beautiful greenery(Tuscany)
    It has the most beautiful architecture (pisa)
    It has amazing hot springs(saturnia)
    And there is much more in Italy.
    Italy has so much!

  5. Lord Belial says:

    Italy is such a beautiful country. City and countryside. I have to admit though I am in love with the countryside more than the city. I guess that is because I live in the countryside here in Scotland. So I can appreciate the quiet. And scenic views to be found in abundance.

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