Millions setting out for holiday travel facing treacherous commute

In Colorado Springs, drivers were seen sliding off the road and struggling to gain traction; the powerful storm that brought icy conditions to the west is now …

41 thoughts on “Millions setting out for holiday travel facing treacherous commute

  1. Jack Shepherd says:

    Obviously everybody’s judgment varies, so I think the solution to the problem is to legislate a 50% speed limit rule of law when conditions are determined to be hazardous by the highway patrol! This looks like the only way to end arguments between one person saying you were going to fast and the other one saying you were going to slow!

  2. Whole Food Plant-Based Man says:

    Good. This is what humans deserve. Assholes who keep eating meat for their selfish need of pleasure deserve climate change and eventual death. They all deserved to die. Fuck them all. Watching this from my high-rise penthouse sipping on my plant milk.

  3. Jack Shepherd says:

    People are usually very careful walking to their car and still sometimes slip and fall, but when they get in the car they treat it like any other day! Hey slow down does not mean drive 5 miles slower than usual, sometimes 20 miles an hour is too fast on the highway!

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