Must Do In Patagonia | Puerto Natales | Chile Travel Videos

The tour we made last week is a must do in Patagonia. Another video in our Chile travel videos series. We made a sailing tour with 21 Mayo in Puerto Natales.

22 thoughts on “Must Do In Patagonia | Puerto Natales | Chile Travel Videos

  1. Crown Time says:

    Chile has the second large reserve of drinkable water in the world…(Southern part) …. Beautiful Chile, but Southern part is amazing….Looking to move to live over there in a near future..

  2. Sebastian Quintana says:

    im planning to go to patagonia next year maybe the same time you guys went so if you guys can post little more information i will be 1000 thanksfull by the way im chilean and you guys should go next time to puerto williams!

  3. Patricio Grego says:

    Hi, I’m originally from chile but live in Australia, never been to Patagonia but I planned my trip to chile and visiting Punta Arenas and Pto Natales in April 2019. Hopefully I’ll be able to see these places. Thanks for the video. Sounds like one of the most beautiful places in the world

  4. Чилийский герой says:

    I am Chilean that good to see them happy I have gone north to the beaches of the desert and south to the beaches of the lakes, but I am missing the ends of the country, for now I am content to see you happy even though a few months have passed. regards

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