Nagasaki Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Nagasaki – a charming port city with a devastating past. In this video, we explore how to make the most of this city’s cultural and historical attractions while on …

48 thoughts on “Nagasaki Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Subash Chandra Pakhrin says:

    I love you Expedia … you have portrayed the city as it is. Due to time and the financial reason I can't visit all serene and panoramic places in the world however, I would like to experience it vicariously through you. Please upload all the places which are exotic with lush vegetation, scenic with the pristine environment with dazzle amazing video and sound effects. Thanks a lot, Expedia. I will always follow you and will make my itinerant according to you. One day, I will do business with you.

  2. R k says:

    Made a video on NEPAL also. Traveling in Nepal is Economical and it is heaven for the bag-packers.
    Manag, Pokhara, karnali zones are very beautiful.
    Kathmandu is polluted city but it is the city of temples.
    Mount Everest lies in Nepal.
    Gautam Buddha was born in Rupendahi, Nepal.
    Nepal is famous for rafting, bungee-jump other adventures things.
    Nepal is a country of warriors Gorkha.

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