One Day in One Minute: Istanbul

Istanbul, home to 14 million people, welcomes you. Once known as Constantinople, the capital city of Turkey is a mishmash of cultures, people, and commerce.

29 thoughts on “One Day in One Minute: Istanbul

  1. SafiyeBanu says:

    SHAME on you Expedia!!!!! What you did is so unfair to Istanbul. Who is your target group. It doesn't seem to me that you are targeting tourist. Where is Topkapi, where is Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Galata Tower and many other place in the video. You just show them from far for a second.. What is the h… tourists will do with playing kids in the yard??? You keep showing the traffic. That is the main focus of the video. Such a big SHAME!!!!

  2. Alpay Erdem says:

    Very bad video, that's absolutely not real istanbul. Why other cities videos are great but istanbul video is horrible? Better to delete this video. It's not demonstrating Istanbul.

  3. Eslam A says:

    Ive never seen a video as bad as this. I dont know who created this but they clearly must have something against Turkey. Im surprised a company like expedia is involved in such a thing.

  4. Ömür Aşık says:

    Diğer şehirlere, ülkelere gelince özene bezene videolar hazırlanmış, ama İstanbul için saçma sapan kareler çekilmiş. O çalışan kepçe ne lan? Amacınız İstanbul'u tanıtmak değil. Karalamak desek daha doğru olur. Yazıklar olsun bu yanlı tavrınıza. İstanbul, bu karelerde anlatıldığı gibi bir şehir değildir.

    Istanbul is not a city as described in these pictures. Do not believe it.
    I think, this video is designed to detract from this beautiful city.

  5. ddwdefwef asfgsjska says:

    I am from Turkey and I like İSTANBUL! This video is inadequate and misidentified for Istanbul.We do not accept this video.Because İstanbul is really big and advanced city so immediately I want this video updated!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Mehmet Serhat AKIN says:

    I have watched almost every city guide you have made but the one for Istanbul is awfully terrible. Did you pick up all those slummy areas, infrastructure construction sites deliberately? Moreover, the music does not represent Turkey at all. It does sound terribly Arabic, Middle Eastern. Istanbul is such a vibrant city which connects cultures, continents with her unique passionate touch. As a result, this video is completely out of taste.

  7. Abdulkhalik Kakabay says:

    Istanbuuul my childhood dream city finally I saw it. The city is so colorful and so historyc. I also love all the videos of Expedia thanks for all. And If you put travel guide of this historyc city we'd be more gratefull to you. Tanks from Istanbuuuuul for all members of Expedia

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