Rome, Italy Travel Guide

Rome.. the beating heart of an empire that once ruled the world. Thousands of years of culture have turned this city into a theme park of historical attractions, …

29 thoughts on “Rome, Italy Travel Guide

  1. 6falconsue says:

    Saw my first video of yours–Paris–last week, and immediately subscribed. I'm back for Rome and once again you nailed it, down to the pistachio gelato cone. Loved the food scenes–my friend and I ordered so much food at a restaurant near the Spanish Steps that the waiter raised his eyebrows and said we would never be able to eat it all. He was wrong. Also loved that you included the Pope's gathering. Rock star is exactly how I described him–the nuns were standing on their chairs trying to catch a glimpse of him in the Popemobile. After getting the Pope's blessing and then getting baptized in the Trevi Fountain by my Catholic traveling companion, I can safely say I am no longer a heathen. Thanks for all the great tips and your awesome sense of humor, Ricky!

  2. Massimiliano Busti says:

    Siamo la nazione più bella del mondo, abbiamo la città più bella del mondo ROMA, potremo vivere solo con i soldi che portano ogni giorno i turisti stranieri ma purtroppo abbiamo un grosso problema, I POLITICI ITALIANI SONO COME IL CANCRO. dovremo essere governati da politici stranieri

  3. Paolo Riccardi says:

    From Fiumicino airport there's also a cheaper train that goes to town making few stops in the city. It's a local train which runs every 15 mins and cost 8 euro. Even if it is slower than leonardo express, it will save you time and money if you are staying, for example, in trastevere, garbatella, etc.. please note that this train won't stop in termini station, but it crosses many metro stations on the way.

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