Seoul Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia (4K) Welcome to Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Start your adventure at the K-Style Hub, …

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  1. DeathBlazer 28 says:

    While you're here slip across to see Pyongyang, With Ornate Concentration camps with excellent prison food. And meet the locals and understand the culture of North Korea and travel back in time to the Stalin era society to absorb the history. Write poetry under the peaceful shadows of barb wire fences. See the changing of the guards watching you and explore the serenity of crying children and starving adults. Welcome, to North Korea

  2. mk says:

    Dear all foreigners coming to Korea and especially Westerners, I have one thing I must say about something that has been triggering me every time I saw it happen.
    Koreans do not use only chopsticks but spoons as well and it's not like in China and Japan where chopsticks are the only socially accepted way of eating so if you can't use chopsticks just use spoons as well as it's completely normal. (Particularly when eating rice, I see so many Westerners trying so hard to use chopsticks probably because they thought it was the "respectable Asian way" but in Korea it isn't.)

  3. AnSonn xtv says:

    I read the comments and have come to the conclusion that Seoul must be very special . Everyone has only good things to say about the city and its lovely people .Must come .

  4. Adnan Bajjar Gujjar says:

    I love Seoul and visit this amazing city for few times????.right now I’m here in Seoul for 10days and enjoying our trip to Seoul again.most beautiful city in the world and I love South Korean and women’s are beautiful,kind,polite and very friendly always .love from a Pakistani +Hongkonger to South Korea❤️.seoul is is so close to my heart always.❤️????????????????????????❤️

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