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St. Petersburg is a city dipped in gold. Visit Russia’s imperial city, a true rival to other great European cities. Travelers will find many marvels on and beyond the …

20 thoughts on “St. Petersburg Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. DOCTOR GLITCH says:

    I’ve been to st petersburg and oh boy is it beautiful! It has one of the most beautiful canal systems in the world. It’s well connected to most parts of the city. It’s so picturesque that you would almost never have to find a good spot for pictures. The structures there are so European and opulent. Nevsky Prospekt is yet another wonderful street to just walk by. I loved my stay there. Wish to go back soon.

  2. Mithun Sharma says:

    I can say that St Petersburg Russia is the best city in the World, entire city is picturesque.
    One visit for 4-5 days is highly recommended…….
    Every building, palace, church ,parks, museum, avenues and Boulevard are breathtaking……..

  3. Andrew Thornhill says:

    St Petersburg was awesome. Big and bold, wide and handsome. We stayed at the Pushka Inn and our room had a balcony overlooking the Moika Canal. What an introduction! Saw Peterhof (in the rain), the palaces of Tsarskoe Selo, the Peter and Paul Fortess and of course The Hermitage. Then there were the churches (St Isaacs especially), the art, the bridges and the food. Glorious!

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