Tasmania Travel Vlog – Rozz Recommends Season 3: EP1

Rozz discovers Tasmania through food where she indulges in the freshest seafood and produce, and comes across abalone that cost $1000 a piece! Brought to …

33 thoughts on “Tasmania Travel Vlog – Rozz Recommends Season 3: EP1

  1. Ron Cooke says:

    How much for the seafood roll ?? ????. $ 100.00 I live in Tasmania and I can tell you all sea food is a rip off people can not afford to buy it unless you are rich !! ????????

  2. ꧁Hayley ꧂ - says:

    I live there in Tasmania and it is sooooo beautiful. I’ve been to MONA,Stanley,(I live in Hobart) well… that’s pretty much it. It’s funny because she knows more about my home place than I do ???? yeah it’s so relaxing totally recommend coming here!!!! Wait what?! We have the cleanest air?!?! ????

  3. Kelsay Lee says:

    I like how Rozz expand my knowledge on like travellings and is also quite Interesting to watch her journey from one place to another . These episodes are quite intriguing.

  4. Director Lunchie says:

    I LOVE HOW AUSSIES EAT LIKE HUMAN, and the America, Europe are just crazy, either super unhealthy or VEGAN MORAL HYPOCRISY flooding the social media, bashing people for eating seafood, or eating GMO beef burgers… I'm moving to australia

  5. Sedra Khwaja says:

    Wow.. Its so amazing tobe in such a peaceful place,xperience such a simple life,simple yet unique taste,meet new ppl n build new memories n experiences,some ur own n some from others…i love u rozzz i feel i m ur part…of the v log….thanks for that….

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