The Netherlands: Beyond Amsterdam

Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide | By train, bike, and boat, we visit the top Dutch sights outside of Amsterdam: from Haarlem to Rotterdam, and from Delft to the …

48 thoughts on “The Netherlands: Beyond Amsterdam

  1. Kinnish says:

    the Dutch were the most important people on earth and the first nation to begin the enlightenment which the English were right behind them. Although the Dutch and English fought each other all over the world, never were there two nations so aligned.

  2. Susan Spencer says:

    God blessed you with the ability to capture audiances????you have a very good voice, a one of a kind, & I love the way you tell your stories… blessings to you & your family this Thanksgiving????????????

  3. syeda khalida says:

    How can i visit this place. Whats the populär Profession or Business there to settle up there. How about kids education . How costly it is there. Is there Any Body who can help me. Thanks.

  4. Annemiek De Haan says:

    When you finally see a travel video about the netherlands that's not all about Amsterdam, then they also feature 'your' city (delft) and on top of that also see someone you know working at the market :O

  5. Michel Beauloye says:

    Thanks for sharing this marvelous video of a marvelous country and its people. Compare the Dutch with the Flemish. You will be astonished. When Rick speaks, I hear a Dutch accent in his voice, funny enough!

  6. Q Werf says:

    I love you Rick! Born in Amsterdam, living in Athens now. Your videos are gold man! Thanks for calling us warm folks, but I disagree LOL. Also,. 99% of the (new) Dutch don't care about religion and are not religious at all. Toewt zeenz xD.

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