The Outer Banks – The Don'ts of OBX, North Carolina

Visiting North Carolina is one of the best choices you can make when visiting the US and probably the best place to relax and have some fun in North Carolina is …

44 thoughts on “The Outer Banks – The Don'ts of OBX, North Carolina

  1. No Nope says:

    I think it’s cool that your kid has a Minas Gerais shirt on at 7:00 minutes. One thing you forgot was outdoor activities like crabbing and windsurfing. Also, OBX seafood is called ‘calabash’ and it’s among the best in the country

  2. Proud Veteran says:

    First visited the banks following ww2 when you reached the banks by ferry and stayed at the past Carolina hotel. I moved here in 1948 and at the age of 93 have seen the changes. Come visit and take pictures and leave nothing but foot prints. Needless to say, I love it here.

  3. j hud says:

    #14. OBX is SOFT SAND. Meaning your little 4cyl sedan or MUSTANG (LOL) will get stuck 99 out of 100 times if you somehow get the stupid idea to drive on the beach without 4×4 (at the very least… AWD though its still not recommended). 20 PSI or below.

  4. Coalv0r says:

    My dad is an electrician and we used to help build houses because he knows how to do that also and we built some really nice ones like three years ago along the Beach Road huge houses like seven rooms on each floor and we used to help hotels there's a really nice one I forgot the name but it shaped like a horseshoe it has a pool right in front of the beach was kind of funny but that's a nice place to stay

  5. JoM0BX says:

    Oh shit he made a video about us…

    First thing I noticed: Don’t call it the B ō die Island lighthouse. We say it as a short “o.” (It sounds like body) Some of us locals are fierce. Hearing a tourist say the long o will just set some people off.

    Getting here from the nearest intl. airports:

    Fly into RDU or ORF. From RDU, take NC64 East out of Raleigh it will bring you to where US158 terminates into NC12. From ORF, I believe it’s US168 to US158 South. 158 is the main highway from Southern Shores to Nags Head but you’ll get on it somewhere in VA.

    Important note to anybody visiting:
    Don’t be afraid of being a tourist. In the summer, it’s our whole economy. BUT, don’t do dumb stuff. When crossing the beach road (NC12) there are crosswalks use them. When you want to cross, step into the crosswalk and make eye contact with any stopping drivers. Do not step into the crosswalk until you have all of your little ones and belongings ready to cross. Locals are not be on vacation and they have places to be.

    When you are swimming, it’s possible that there are surfers in the water. PAY ATTENTION to your surroundings. A surfboard fin can do serious damage, I had to get stitches the other day from my own surfboard. Surfers can’t always control where they are going so keep an eye out.

    There are public beach accesses from Kitty Hawk south all of the way through Ocracoke. Do not try to find a public access in Duck or Southern shores. If you plan on being in northern Coralla or god forbid Corova, you must have a 4×4 vehicle. Not a get over rocks 4×4 like a Subaru Outback and not an all wheel drive. You need a truck (examples: Ford F-150 or Chevy Silverado) or a truck based SUV (example: Ford Expedition) with four wheel drive. NC12 is the only road going through Coralla and Corova. It also happens to be the beach. This means that there is no asphalt it’s just the sandy beach all of the way up to the VA boarder I believe.

    I hope I wasn’t confusing and maybe helped somebody.

  6. Merchants HVAC Co. says:

    When your talking about crossing the road it's always wise to be safe. However there is a speed limit on North and South Virginia Dare and you need to stop for any pedestrian. Don't stop and your setting yourself up for a heavy fine or possibly hurting someone. You don't speed on that road. Don't think a car is automatically going to stop for you. Do your part to look before you go. Many visitors ignore the fact pedestrians have the right of way.

  7. allie binius says:

    Another major tip is get on a fairy early in the morning! And go to ocaracoke island it is absolutely incredible and you can also take a camper and stay on the island there is restaurants and shopping places so worth it!!

  8. allie binius says:

    Been going to the outer banks sense i was 5 years old ( im 19 now) these are all very good and accurate tips we go in September 80 degrees and fabulous! The outer banks is absolutely gorgeous

  9. Corinne Ritenour says:

    We get a house every year end of Aug- Sept. We luv it. The people are so nice and friendly. Nothing like other beaches!!! OMG duck donuts are awesome ????!!! There is so much to do! We have been going to OBX for the past 10 years and still havent seen or done everything. A must place to visit!

  10. Katie Hatt says:

    I go there 2 times a year! Once in July with my friends! And in August with my grandparents! It’s sooo fun I totally suggest that if you love the beach the you should definitely come here!

    Also if you stay on Hatteras Island, you should to Buxton in southern Hatteras Island there is a restaurant called dinky’s. They have seafood, sandwiches, and many more things!

  11. Tosh T says:

    To underscore Mark's first point about rip currents, an elderly man drowned this Memorial Day weekend just north of Kitty Hawk. He and his wife have a summer home in OBX so they were aware of the dangers I'm sure but still became victims. Very sad. Be careful, people.

  12. the emerald panther says:

    Us North Carolinians can't stress that enough it's not even just the outer Banks the riptides and waves are very strong I think every single person in my family has at least once gotten caught on the riptides or almost pulled out by the waves

  13. Walking Talking Jeff Meme says:

    #1: Way to use footage of the Alligator River Bridge, which is nowhere close to the Outer Banks. #2: The Wright Monument is in Kill Devil Hills, which in 1903 was Kitty Hawk, so I'll let that one go. #3: Corolla isn't named after the car. Pronunciation is "Ko-rah-lah". #4: Don't ask a local any stupid questions. Try and use some common sense. #5: The beach in front of the rental house does not belong to the renters. #6: That road isn't the Beachfront Road. It's Route 12, or just the Beach Road.

    Lived there 25+ years, and seen and heard a lot of stupid tourist stuff (like trying to drive a Maserati or a Viper on the beach). Just use your brains and turn signals. It's really not that hard.

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