The South's Best City: Charleston, S.C. | Southern Living

Charleston is having a moment. Again. Nearly 400 years after a group of enterprising colonists settled the jewel of the Lowcountry, the Holy City continues to …

25 thoughts on “The South's Best City: Charleston, S.C. | Southern Living

  1. Stefanie Chae says:

    I just posted a video of all my favorite spots in Charleston if people want to check it out! My friend and I LOVED our time in Charleston and we've talked everyday about wanting to go back!

  2. Jeffrey Twoey says:

    Haha nobody talks about it is completely FULL. it's also an overpriced city and doesn't care about locals. I would not recommend living here….maybe 10 years ago. Charleston is shit once you leave the downtown area. Have you looked at the crime stats? ????

  3. Jeff Webb says:

    South Carolina is a majority of extreme Christian fascist MAGA hat wearing hate filled people. If that is your thing, fine. Was stationed there from 1994-2005, left and have not and will not return there – ever. So much for Southern Charm.

  4. K G says:

    Almost been to all of the states in the US, and I could say, for the quality of living to cleanliness to the restaurants to the perfect climate, this city is the best. Although, they should not turn this beautiful place into a retirement city.

  5. Gerard Moran says:

    Grizzly Gates – It's not a Charleston v Yankee thing. Spend some time and read about demographic shifts in the US. I don't believe Charleston has been "ruined". Charleston is so much more vibrant and fun than 30 years ago.

  6. Bruce Roberts says:

    Charleston is a beautiful city. We northerners need to keep it coming baby. Bring a different twist to the city. I currently am in a small city in SC, but would love to live in Charleston or possibly Myrtle Beach. Charleston definitely has a lot more class than MB though.

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