This Is Why You Should Travel To Santorini, Greece

A day exploring Santorini, Greece, taking a boat across the volcanic crater, hiking on lava islands, swimming in hot springs and exploring an abandoned village …

45 thoughts on “This Is Why You Should Travel To Santorini, Greece

  1. sunny_d Hende says:

    One of my favorite islands, well aside from my 600 dollar sunnys getting stolen at black beach by young greek women!???? The Silver Pearl a 45 ft catamaran was a fantastic day tour from Theria to Oia with a lovely Greek lunch prepared n swimming at 5 different stops along the way for 150euros each. Well worth the experience! The sunset was priceless!???? 5 days on this gorgeous island was enf to see it all! The 4 wheelers were cheap n fun way to get around this beautiful island! Trip of a lifetime????

  2. Danny Danny says:

    Gabriel , your are Fking ReAl. I am Admire your Traveler video kingoof all the time. keep going and show us some nice Greece Fishess under the sea .. .by the way , your are damm Good Swimmer for a Greece Beaches. Over all Nice Time with your video, THnANKSSS.

  3. TheWeardale1 says:

    lovely island – you did the same spots as us, except we didn't do the full day trip, just the volcano and the sunset one – free wine and snacks on that one too…

    you have to try your luck with the women @ 7:36 haha

  4. Dimy Ssg says:

    Thank you for this tour. I recently went on this boat trip but have bad knees so didn’t get off the boat for the volcanic island. I’ve seen it now thanks to you.

  5. Greg Green says:

    Great videos. I would suggest you let the camera rest on one scene at a time for a bit longer. At times it's like looking out a window during a plane crash. Slow it down. Pause. Give the viewers brain a second to take in the great scenes. I know you're climbing a mountain, I don't underestimate that; but let the viewer take it in a bit more.

  6. Avoidance Technologies says:

    "If they ask… will you ever do this; I would say – people hide on technology all over the World, it's not my fault they are dysfunctional with it; but, I can tell you one thing… video's like this don't hurt – when it comes to watching with enjoyment and the variety of video's that could be watched, (with these differences) – it should be easy to see, those not even close to the same enjoy-abilities, that are offered here".

  7. TheHuski says:

    Nice scenic place… That Lava island looks like the surface of the moon.. That tour you went on was pretty cool, especially going to the other islands near Santorini.. Safe Travels Greg

  8. O Malley says:

    Lol expensive tour just to look at a bunch of barren pumice that you can see back home in Lassen but it's possible you were standing on the real ancient Atlantis lol they must walk zigzig in St Helena. ????????????????????????

  9. Makross82 says:

    WOW dude you meet someone from ''St Helena'' btw It is one of the most remote islands in the world!!! and yes Napoleon was imprisoned there in exile by the British and he died there in 1821. In 1840, Louis Philippe I obtained permission from the British to return Napoleon's remains to France.

  10. Sook Wilson says:

    The steep steps from the port after the volcano tour was brutal, especially when it rain. The ticket counter told me Its a 20 mins journey, but it took me 45mins with many breaks in between ! I rewarded myself after the day was over with Greek' sweets / cookies ????

  11. Sook Wilson says:

    Simply the most beautiful place on earth ! I Have visited santorini 3 times , still love it, love the white buildings , the deep blue sea. So peaceful . I was attempting to walk from the little village ( IMAGLIO ? ) but I got caught in heavy rain So I took the Bus to OIA, most beautiful sunset in the world !
    To those budget travelers, go in may or Sept Low season , many hostel available

  12. Juan Perez says:

    Hey Gabriel ..have a quick question btw I watch all your videos love them … I'm going to india next month wanted to ask are there ATMs over there ..and is that the best way to exchange money ….hope you answer back thanks ….

  13. Why yes, I fart Rainbows! says:

    I'd be fearful of missing the boat, wandering too far from where the boat let you guys off …
    Question: Ever MISSED a boat, or bus, or plane in your travels, (that is, NOT on purpose?
    If so, can you entertain the thought of doing a video about how to handle say, various travel mishaps, please?

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