TOP 22 Banff Attractions – All Things To Do – Scenic Drive – Lake Louise and Jasper

Most beautiful scenic drive from Calgary to Lake Louise to Jasper to Edmonton. 1. Calgary 2. Lake Minnewanka 3. Banff Avenue / Cascade Mall 4.

40 thoughts on “TOP 22 Banff Attractions – All Things To Do – Scenic Drive – Lake Louise and Jasper

  1. Tim L says:

    Solid list but I'd add Emerald Lake, Two Jack Lake, Spirit Island, and Johnston Canyon. Moraine Lake is easily the most beautiful lake in the area by far and not to be missed no matter how difficult the parking situation is.

  2. Martyupnorth says:

    To truly discover Banff you need to head into the backcountry. My channel has videos of all my multi-day hikes in Banff, Jasper and other parks. I have hiked all the famous trails (Molar Pass, Rockwall, Taylor Lake, Skyline, North Boundary Trail, Glacier Lake and more), as well as far off the beaten path. My videos also describe logistics like access points, as well as many useful hiking tips. Cheers.

  3. Rod Luftalchimist says:

    Trying to catch my breath back… God! Such beauty, and my soul crying out to get out of this dreary inner city hell, like many all across North America. Will you blame me for dreaming in front of my computer screen while I sip a little brandy and try to get ready for another working week? Just told my wife I'm probably a sad creature always dreaming to get away to a place like Banff, but hey, a man does what he can to keep afloat, right?

  4. Liam Motley says:

    Alberta truly is beautiful. I recommend to anyone reading to also get off the beaten and explore the Kananaskis and foothills areas of the province. Truly beautiful and will give you a break from the hustle and bustle of Banff. Enjoy the trip!

  5. Jerry Blizzard says:

    I have visited Banff and toured that region from Jasper down to the U.S. Border many times. I love The Canadian Rocky Mountains! This video is fabulous and brings back fond memories. Thank you for making me happy again by seeing this.

  6. Patricia Blinkhorn says:

    My husband and I just returned home to Australia after a month travelling around Canada and top of Alaska, Yukon, Klondike, BC, Alberta, just gorgeous, my 2nd trip through the country and I would go again and again.

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