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The top 5 things to experience in Hakone, Japan. Learn more about Hakone: – Video Credits – Videographer …

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  1. Bee Lee says:

    Unfortunately, a big typhoon (Hagibis) hit right before were scheduled to go there so the natural hot springs weren't available as well as the trains. Luckily we were able to rent a car so we were able to go there. Make sure to visit outside of the typhoon season if you can!

  2. Activated Complex says:

    Lake Ashinoko is beautiful, but I strongly recommend the following. First, bring your mosquito repellent and wear long sleeves. Second, don’t get a bite at the places around the Togendai docks. Wait until the boats bring you around (or back) to the Hakonemachi side, where there are some far, far better little restaurants once you walk a few blocks away from the landing.

  3. Sean Caye says:

    I went to Hakone earlier this year (2019) and two of my favorite spots were the Pola Museum of Art which was both 1) a great art museum and 2) an amazing piece of architecture, as well as the Lalique Museum Hakone which had some amazing pieces of design. The Venetian Glass Museum was a major tourist trap, but by and large the museums there are great and you can get a pass at any of them that will let you visit some number (5?) for a discount fee. On top of the natural beauty and relaxing Ryokan, it was an amazing trip.

  4. Daniels Mardones says:

    This is what I needed, every other video is in the city, only about food, video games and other weird and waste of time itineraries. All this nature and tradition is its true essence, thank you for this video!

  5. Francesco Zazzetta says:

    Hi i will be in japan tokyo from the 14th of febuary and thinking to pass one day in Hakone.. let's say half day i pass it visiting the open air museum, picasso pavillon… what to you suggest me for the evening?

  6. ando1135 says:

    going to go to a ryokan in hakone from osaka….whats the best way to get there? we will have a jr pass so if a shinkansen can get us close by, that info would be great.

  7. Ella says:

    Superb video, very useful. Question: to go to Kyoto from Hakone – is it better to go back to Tokyo, or can you travel directly from Hakone? Thanks.

  8. Timmichanga says:

    4:55 This is the greatest tea house ever. I walked the trail with my father and brother and just got to the teahouse when it started to rain heavily. We had just missed the last bus leaving from the nearby station, so the owner drove us 15 minutes to the closest bus stop that was still running at that time. Without their kindness and generosity we would have been stranded on a rainy mountain in the dark.

  9. Yasunori Sato says:

    Hakone would be much better in sunny days. Unfortunately, this video was taken in a worse condition. Hakone usually enjoys its comfortable weathers in the Pacific Ocean side of Japan.

  10. lukeYDtravel says:

    This video provides so much value to viewers. It would be tough to watch this video and not learn a thing or two. I've put together a quicker, quieter, Hakone Japan video. It doesn't hold a candle to this video informationally, but if you're interested in Hakone, it might interest some of your community? If you're tempted, search lukeydjapan in youtube.

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