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The top 5 things to experience in Nagoya, Japan. Learn more about Nagoya: – Video Credits – Videographer …

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  1. glowish1993 says:

    Your videos are awesome and preferred than other YouTube videos about Japan! It gives a good brief history, detailed explanation of what's good without the long winded chatting of vloggers and the ranked choices are all really good, I have seen the Osaka Kyoto and Tokyo videos and you basically covered the best things to see with even a few less known sights! I enjoyed the video about Mt Fuji too, it helped me in planning which places to go for viewing. Thank you so much for the great videos!

  2. Tsukasa S says:

    せっかくサムライシティなのに 勿体無い
    川村さん 大村さん 頼んだよ

  3. Frank Aquino says:

    As an American who has lived in Nagoya for over five years and traveled widely throughout Japan, I'd recommend skipping Nagoya entirely. There is nothing special or noteworthy that cant be found elsewhere in Japan. That includes the food which Japanese will lead you to believe is exclusive to Nagoya but can easily be found in other areas of Japan. Not to mention the people here have a reputation for being cheap and cold.

  4. Trung Tieu says:

    Thank you for pointing out that we should visit the palace and not just the keep! Most other videos either confuse the two as one place or don't bother mentioning the palace at all.

  5. バカ発表会 says:


  6. Gabi Shop says:

    Please someone help me where is this place in Japan : where you can see the forest, big red door and reach wave and wind flows at the rest of the forest 🙁 Marzia used to post about this place 3 or 4 times but she delated, now i don't remember that forest's name

  7. 淳二畑岡 says:


  8. Mary Gebbie says:

    I also recommend taking the train out to neighboring Inuyama city. There's Inuyama castle, of course, which is an original 17th century castle if that's your thing, but there's also the Monkey zoo/park, and my two favorite theme parks, Little World (1,500 yen for foreigners!), and Meiji Mura.

  9. Michael Grantham says:

    Lived in Nagoya for several years and have been spending the past 5 summers there with my family. Fantastic city. Some other places worth considering (in no particular order) if you're stopping by.
    1. Meijimura – hands down the best place to go with young kids. My kids love it there. The staff are crazy friendly. Lots of open spaces for kids to run around. Definitely get the park bus/train pass. So worth it…you get to ride a real steam train…also in summer it's hot and the buses are air conditioned.
    2. Inuyama Castle – Do the tea ceremony…you can also book a night dinner cruise and watch ukai fishing…then eat the ukai, yum.
    3. Nagoya Science Center – Dirt cheap and very kid friendly. If you have kids don't bother with the planetarium. It's awesome…but tough for kids to sit still and watch stars for 30 minutes when there's so much other cool stuff there to do. Also a wayyyyy better option than the maglev train museum if you're travelling with kids. The maglev museum is more geared towards train spotter types rather than kids.
    4. Osu. Just the coolest place to go shopping in Japan. Period.
    5. Gojogawa – If you're in Nagoya during the cherry blossom season this is the place. Stunning. Go in the evening for a nice stroll as there are tons of lanterns and street food. Take the train to Iwakura.
    6. Nagoya Zoo – Very inexpensive. Food is reasonable as are the activities. Great way to kill a day and not kill your wallet.
    7. Atsuta Jingu – If you don't have time to make it down to Ise this is a fantastic alternative. Giant trees. Peaceful atmosphere. Perfect stop if you're taking the subway down to…
    8. The Nagoya Aquarium – It's a really good aquarium. But if you're heading down on the subway be sure to leave an hour early to stop at Atsuta.
    9. Sakae – Best place to shop in Nagoya (I like it better than Meieki area). Crazy huge underground shopping arcades linking pretty much all of the major department stores so if it's raining you won't get wet. Don't bother with the ferris wheel … it ain't that great…
    10. Beer garden. In the summer a huge chunk of the central park is roped off to be a beer garden. Nuff said. Cheers.

  10. Shinichiro Yoshida says:

    I think this video shows good locations in Nagoya. But other good locations will be found.For examle,Nagoya station building. This building is so tall in Japan. You will be surpurised. And Ise shrine (130km(80miles) from Nagoya) is the greatest shrine in Japan. You will relax there.

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