Transylvania Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia | Halloween Special!

Transylvania – a place of spooky legends and mesmerizing sites. Discover the best places to visit and be swept up in the living fairytale of one of Europe’s most …

44 thoughts on “Transylvania Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia | Halloween Special!

  1. Expedia says:

    Transylvania is best known as a fog-draped landscape of vampires and howling wolves, but our crew discovered so much more when they ventured to this time-forgotten region of Romania.

  2. Vicente Adriatico IV says:

    I love how this video was narrated. It's like a storytelling. Unlike your previous videos that is just giving definition of the spots we can easily google. Thank you for keeping up! Looking forward for more amazing content???? Your video really inspire me to travel the world

  3. Simona Scribano says:

    Io sono italiana ma innamorata della Romania, penso che nella vita precedente ero rumena perché ogni volta che ci torno sento una sensazione strana…come di essere a casa… è un paese stupendo

  4. Misa Djukic says:

    Such a beautiful country, rich and dramatic history.Romanians stood firm during difficult times, keeping ther families and homes in one place, bravely.May the time of peace and prosperity last forever. Great to have you as neighbours. Long live Romania !
    Greetings from Serbia

  5. ohlalajeckostar says:

    The way Expedia featured destinations from fairytale to scary then back to fairytale is a beautiful mess. I must say Expedia you are outdoing yourself, nice job! Transylvania looks really interesting!

  6. Manuel Leão says:

    It just looks like the time didn't pass in that enchanted place. I would love to get the chance to visit Transylvania. People who live there must feel as they live through the 15th or 16th century what is amazing. I'd love to being alive back then.

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