ULTIMATE Guide To The High Line in NYC (20 Things To See & Walking Tour) !

Join us on a walking tour of the High Line, one of New York City’s Most Famous Attractions. We present you the Ultimate Guide, to visiting this gem. From the …

27 thoughts on “ULTIMATE Guide To The High Line in NYC (20 Things To See & Walking Tour) !

  1. Here Be Barr says:

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  2. Tommy TwoGun says:

    I went in March 2018 on the first day of spring the city got a foot of snow. The following day we went and walked the High Line. It was really awesome seeing everything blanketed in snow from the viewpoints above the ground.

  3. Lo Lo says:

    Great video! Walked The High Line last year on my vacation, just loved it! Join their organization. The money goes to keeping up the great work to keep it going.
    Lived at Gansevoort st in the ’80ies. Much have changed..
    for better & for worse.
    The Big Apple – forever in my ♥️

  4. GJC HD says:

    Awesome Vlog as ever. Taking my girlfriend to NYC on December 5th fo the frist time, we're coming from the UK and can;t wait. Your Vlogs have helped me plan a number of things to do!! Thanks!

  5. Mick Angelhere's World says:

    So that’s where the Westside Cowboys come from I love how the history of the railway has been preserved even the abandoned part showing how nature takes over when things are not used.
    Great video and yes you are getting famous you might need a couple of bodyguards and PA people to help you with the fame ????????????????

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