Visit Belize – 10 Things That SHOCK Tourists about Belize

Whether visiting Caye Cauler, San Ignacio, Belize City or Cave Tubing and Seeing Mayan sights there are a lot of great culture shocks for travelers when they …

45 thoughts on “Visit Belize – 10 Things That SHOCK Tourists about Belize

  1. Insert Redletter Media Meme Here says:

    I was just watching a history of the world map video and had no idea that Great Britain held onto Belize until the 1980's. Had no freaking clue they spoke English there. I rarely get surprised by things I learn as I've read almost everything history related. The more you know I guess.

  2. Margaret Asimus says:

    Look after yourself you are a stroke waiting to happen!!!when you took your face turns red,not been mean,iam sorry ,but you have these boys who need their dad,and your wife there,you get sooo excited when you tolk about food,you are digging your grave with you teeth,

  3. Iván Pasarell says:

    Belice is not Latin America, even if surrounded by Latin American Countries it doesnt make it LA, the same way Guyana, Suriname, Jamaica and most of the lesser antilles aren't either. It could be argued that parts of Belice, like San Ignacio, is, but that is arguable.

  4. Monique Flores says:

    @Wolters World Can i just correct you for a second…ok..creole is not spanglish…it has no kind of spanish or english in it…creole is creole…its one of its kind in central america…everybody speaks creole..and most of us are bilingual…not only in spanish and mayan but we are a diverse country and many of us speak more than just spanish, mayan and english. Thank u for speaking about us though????????????

  5. Michael Gagnon says:

    Just be careful though people… Belize is full of crime and some of the locals will watch for any of your patterns. I just returned from Belize and was robbed at gunpoint just outside my hotel returning from a snorkeling trip. Which was strange considering these guys wore nicer clothes than I, lots of rings and drove a Mercedes. And the police are corrupt as hell. Beautiful country, yes, but ruined by some of the locals. Stay safe!

  6. Carly Selene says:

    Thanks for featuring my beautiful Belize! Two corrections: 1. Belizean Creole is not Spanglish 2. Please do not say Maya ruin. These are Mayan temples. These Mayan temples are part of our Belizean heritage! Thank you.

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