Visit Chicago – The DON'Ts of Visiting Chicago

Chicago, the Second City of the USA has so much for tourists to do. The Art Institute of Chicago, The Magnificent Mile, The Shed Aquarium, The Willis/Sears …

48 thoughts on “Visit Chicago – The DON'Ts of Visiting Chicago

  1. Victoria Tanriover says:

    OMG!! You so hit on the "Are you a true Chicago native thing." As someone who is born and raised on the south side of Chicago (off of 76 & Eggleston), we do pride ourselves on being that true Chicagoan. Yes, we will question you about where you grow up at. And yes there is a snubness to say that "actually I am from Evanston or Naperville or Havery, to name a few suburbs. Plus if you are a true Chicagoan you will need to know your neighbors for fun, food, and parties.

  2. Billy Mays says:

    Another rule: don't talk to the chicagoans.
    If you see someone from here, we have somewhere to be. If they're wearing headphones, don't start a conversation. Hell, I wear headphones without anything on them just so I can avoid conversation.

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  4. Muggly X says:

    3:39 that's a pretty good 7/11. The billy goay tavern is pretty good too. More of a historical place tho. There's a pretty nice homeless guy who sits there as well
    Edit: The drivers in Chinatown are madmen

  5. Cardboard Box says:

    I live in the part of town you're not supposed to go to. Yes as a tourist you have no business being in those areas. Chicago is also very segregated. So if you're not a minority and the police see you in those areas, you will be pulled over because they'll think you're there to buy drugs. Those areas however are not warzones as the news portrays them

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