Visit DC – The DON'Ts of Visiting Washington, DC

What tourists should not do when they visit Washington, D.C. From safety issues for car break ins, to overdoing it with the amazing free Smithsonian museums, …

27 thoughts on “Visit DC – The DON'Ts of Visiting Washington, DC

  1. charlie2ism says:

    Oh, what a great find, this channel generally but specifically a vid about one of my favourite places! I had the great pleasure of living and working in DC for 12/13 years, and this has brought back some lovely memories. I lived in Foggy Bottom and walked to work and to the Mall and the monuments, etc.
    A really nice (free!) thing to do is to walk the towpath along the C&O canal in Georgetown. Cyclists use the same path but give you plenty of warning as they approach from behind. They call out to let you know which side they're passing on (so you know not to suddenly move into their way), which I wish they would do here in England. Here, you're lucky if they ring their little bell, let alone use their voice.
    One negative – something that probably occurs in many places, but I've only ever been subjected to this in DC, several times – is the smartly dressed street scammer. They approach you in a very friendly fashion and tell you how they're locked out of their vehicle and have left their wallet or briefcase, whatever, inside the vehicle and need a little cash in order to make a phone call and get help. This was in the 90s and probably doesn't play out exactly like this now, because most have cell phones. One woman actually asked me for money so that she could put gas in her car and visit her sick father in the hospital in Maryland. She was driving her car and stopped to ask me this, right in my own street. Also, one very professional looking guy, in a suit, shirt, and tie, even made the mistake of approaching me twice. The second time was a month or so after the first, and this time my parents were visiting from England. I just burst out laughing when this man said his piece (and of course I couldn't resist commenting on how careless he was to have locked himself out again), and my poor mother thought I was being really rude, until I explained. Anyway, DON'T be taken in by these scam artists and do enjoy this beautiful city, the city of trees.

  2. TheTiki1111 says:

    As a Washington DC Native……I agree with all of these things listed in this video post! Traffic, especially from tourists( Not to mention cab drivers ????), Makes driving in the city, a living hell! And please stand on the right if you’re not walking up the stairs on the metro!!!DC is beautiful though.We Washingtonians, have a lot of shit to do and places to be! I know that you’re on vacation, but your tourism, is also were we are working! Sooo ,Please….. get out of the way!!! And be respectful!

  3. Yusef Links says:

    Also in regards to the escalators..once you get to the bottom of the escalator..MOVE WALK WITH PURPOSE..DO NOT JUST STAND THERE OR MOVE SLOW…now that’s irritating as hell for locals as well..we trying to get on the train to get to work or go home????

  4. Jay Brown says:

    DO: If you fly into Dulles make it a point to hit Udvar-Hazy Air and Space, which is at the end of one of the runways, on your way in or out. They also have transport from Air and Space on The Mall. It's my favorite museum both within and outside of D.C. proper.

    A Local

  5. Fluvi Ari says:

    Spot on with the metro!!!! Also, the Zoo is also one of the Smithsonian. Be prepared to enjoy street music. Some places like Dupont Circle might have jazz players at night. If you come in Fall there are lots of wineries and breweries in Maryland and Virginia. Definitely make reservations before you go to a restaurant. That is a must! When you go to Georgetown don’t just stay on M street. There are a lot of cute streets and the Canal is also worth taking a look at. And finally, beware not only of the traffic, but also of the terrible drivers!!!!

  6. Maddock fitzsimmins says:

    Also good to pack a lunch. even the trucks are a little expensive and you are eating literally out of a truck so keep that in mind. any cafeteria in any of the museums will be a little overpriced from the get and likely not as good as the food trucks so there is that and your going to be paying for souvenirs anyway so save your money for a nice restaurant. Also, don't forget the Exorcist stairs in Georgetown! their right at the end of the Whitehurst Freeway next to the old car barn and the gas station.

  7. Maddock fitzsimmins says:

    Great list and good to include walking the mall at night. As long as I have lived in the DMV I have never felt like the mall was the least bit dangerous place to walk around at night and it is almost magical when lit up. If you do drive be extremely careful where you park so as not to get towed and if choosing a garage be sure of their hours. You might also want to shop around for parking costs prior as they very greatly. Weed is legal here now so keep that in mind when touring some of the off mall attractions like Adam's Morgan with the little ones.

  8. Diane DeBernardo says:

    As a DC resident who has to take the Metro to and from work and everywhere else every day, thank you for listing don't stand left as your first don't. If you miss one train in DC, you never ever know when the next one may actually come. What you do know is it's likely to be quite a wait. I missed one train last week and it ended up being a 25 minute wait as the idiots who run the system couldn't manage to send another train on time. A lot of us are mean to tourists who stand left because of this.

  9. K R says:

    The Metro used to be cleaner. I believe it has to do with funding, or lack thereof, for maintenance and upgrades. My first time was in 1984, and the concrete still smelled new, and whole thing was quite clean and nice.

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