Visit Hamburg – 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Hamburg, Germany

Heading to Hamburg & Not Sure What to Expect? Here we go through the Best & the Worst that Hamburg, Germany has to offer travelers, tourists and …

43 thoughts on “Visit Hamburg – 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Hamburg, Germany

  1. Restorative Travels says:

    Is it generally safe for a single, solo female traveller? I’d like to enjoy some nightlife. I’m a St Pauli Girl 😉 Born there but not raised there. I’m planning to return to celebrate a big birthday this Christmas!

  2. Richard Holmquist says:

    First night in Germany I went to a concert in the Hamburg St. James Church. I thought I could call a taxi from there, but it turned out I needed to know a telephone code I wasn't aware of. I asked a few people who were closing up the church what I should do. They didn't figure out that I just needed the code, but here's what happened instead. One woman in her 70s walked with me to the train station, not too far away, where there's always taxis.
    Now think about this – here's an old woman going off in the middle of the night with a man she doesn't know in a city the size of Philadelphia. How dangerous is that in the US? How safe must Germany be in comparison?

  3. Noaoah says:

    Saying that there’s no old world Germany in Hamburg isn’t true at all! You just have to look for them. In Altona, sternschanze, hoheluft are neighborhoods with many, many old buildings

  4. BlackWater 49 says:

    The thing with "faster opening up Germans" isn't totally true for the north nor the south but especially not the north. If you want very open Germans you have to go to Colone for example especially during Carnival.
    Colone and Düsseldorf are probably the cities were you find the most "open" Germans.

  5. Alex Hunt says:

    I love Hamburg, one of my favourite city's in the world, has such an interesting : grunge, punk rock kind of feel. St pauli has so much amazing street art everywhere, people are nice. Reaperbahn definetly seedy, lots of homeless and junkies around, dodgy turkish guys trying to sell shit coke etc, can be dangerous at night, few transvestites that try and pick pocked and girls that offer blow jobs for 10 or 20 euro then steal your phone and wallet when they pull ya pants down and run etc Also yeah the weather is shit, cold, grey, windy alot, but yeah i cant explain it, has such an interesting amazing vibe

  6. Ele Pequis says:

    Been there last week. Loved the city so much. I loved the fact that It looks like a giant busy city but in fact is more like a big town or village. I found the same people hanging around most of the time!

  7. Andreas König says:

    Oh, btw, the Reeperbahn is Kult. Yep. Seediness belongs to Hamburg, Its a Port City man. The prostitutes serve the men that want or need Sex like the Sailors that have been away for weeks or months and should not take the 'good girls'. So its a very good thing about Hamburg. The Reeperbahn is also the place that shimmers the most on this Perl.. there is the good, the bad and the ugly and that in such an eclectic mix, that it makes you drunk with joy or disgust. And the Port is just fantastic. Been going on the old Elbdampfer since I was 6 and when I had my first Monatskarte, I went back and forth over the river until it was dark. From Hamburger Hafen over to Finkenwerder or to Blankenese. The Elb-Kapitäne knew me and I learned to jump aboard when the boats were already leaving… Dom! just another one of those typical Festivals of Hamburg. EVERY Hamburger goes to the Dom. There too is the Entertainment and the Seediness behind the Scenes and the Families all in one great Mix. Hamburger are the coolest people. Never prude, always open, but watch out, if you do harm to the Lütte Deern von down the road.

  8. Andreas König says:

    Bad things about Hamburg??? are you kidding man?! if you hate anything about this cool city of mine, you gotta go… and that: Dalli dalli. Und tschüss mien Jong. Hamburg is my pearl, Hamburg meine Perle und das weil sie so wunderschön ist. Hummel, Hummel…

  9. Gore Vidal says:

    I have not found Hamburg to be too expensive. I'm Australian, and it's actually a bit cheaper than any of our cities. If you're coming from Australia/Scandinavia/Japan, then yeah it might seem expensive then. Germans are really lovely people too, and quite possibly the most attractive people on earth!

  10. Guillermo Gutiérrez De Velasco Schmidt says:

    I've been living in Berlin a year now, and I'm still a ways from feeling like I've integrated and know all the inside jokes, or stereotypes Germans have of their different socio geographical or economic contexts; but I´m surprised about the comment about people from hamburg being open and friendly. What I've heard is that people in Hamburg have a reputation for being dryer, colder and more reserved people than in the rest of Germany, which is saying something. I visited once for a few days, but didn't really interact with any locals, so I can't really say if what I've heard about them is true, but I did notice people seemed more put together and not as grungy as in Berlin which I found refreshing.

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