Visit Sao Paulo – The DON'Ts of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Visiting Sao Paulo, Brazil, whether for work or play can be extremely rewarding with amazing museums and shopping, but there are a few things you should not …

39 thoughts on “Visit Sao Paulo – The DON'Ts of Sao Paulo, Brazil

  1. Pedro Augusto says:

    Actually São Paulo is one hour and a half from the closest beach. It is 4 hours from Rio de Janeiro, but there are beaches in the state of São Paulo much closer, like Riviera de São Lorenzo or Juquehy Beach. Even Santos and São Vincente are just over one hour drive. Aside from that great video, you really know Brasil!

  2. Kaesar Kesler says:

    Eu não sei porque as pessoas insistem em criar um clima de "guerra" entre São Paulo e antes de mais nada, tudo é Brasil, todos somos brasileiros.
    Há com toda certeza, milhares e milhares de cariocas/fluminenses, que gostam, amam São Paulo.
    Mas, tem sempre os do contra, falam que São Paulo não tem praias, Brasília, Belo Horizonte, Goiana, Manaus também não, e são piores por isso, claro que não.
    Mas, São Paulo, também tem o litoral, com Santos, Ubatuba, Caraguatatuba, São Vicente, e muitas outras cidades com praias.
    A senhora Constanza, uma argentina, elogiou São Paulo, "São Paulo is the most amazing city in Brazil".
    O Diogo Penna respondeu: "Sorry… Just to correct you… ah… Rio de Janeiro is the most amazing city in Brazil. Don't forget it! XD".
    O vídeo, é sobre São Paulo e não sobre o Rio ou sobre comparações de cidades, a senhora Constanza, deu a opinião dela.
    Deus criou a natureza, o Rio de Janeiro é lindo, São Paulo foi construída pelos homens, é uma beleza de outro tipo, não se pode, nem se deve comparar.
    Às vezes parece que algumas pessoas tem inveja de São Paulo, pela sua grandeza em todos os sentidos, tem os que criticam o frio de São Paulo,mas, adoram o frio de Nova York ou outra cidade com inverno parecido.
    Eu acho que deveria haver um ponto final entre essa "guerra" entre São Paulo e Rio, que na verdade, é culpa de uns pouocs, pois, a grande maioria dos cariocas, gosta de São Paulo, assim, como a maioria de nós de São Paulo, amamos o Rio e o seu povo, somos irmão, não inimigos..

  3. Nicky Styles says:

    Just dont go!
    I know someone from Ireland that got kidnapped (kidnapped!!) and someone else was advised, as a white european woman, not to walk around at night because she, too, would be (best case scenario) "just" robbed, worst case murdered.
    Seriously, if you go to this place and something happens, you only have yourself to blame.

  4. Harold Wagner says:

    MW must be bingeing in all the capitals of the world, or his wife is the best cook in the world. WW emblem looks like the Amtrak sign. How does MW get to live in so many countries; does he speak any of their languages? Some of the precautions are true about all the cities. He and Rick Stevens must cross paths often. Bon viage.

  5. The Bigshow says:

    Did you ever visit Piracicaba is a city in southeast Brazil is that city safe?I have friends that want me to visit .If I stay for 6 to 8 months in Brazil how much American money would I need to bring?

  6. GIFPES says:

    Have you been in Itanhaém or Peruíbe, at the time you filmed this video? It looked like so, because of the vegetation and sandy road. I see it is Juréia….is it Peruíbe???

  7. Naveed Ahmad says:

    I am sorry but Mercado Munciciple is garbage; I think you being sponsored to mention this place. I went there today based on your video and thought this place is rip off in middle of a very run down neighbourhood filled with crackheads and criminals. People down there are very pushy to sell you stuff and won’t leave you alone when you say no! I was gonna but two pieces of the dragon fruit and he was trying to charge me 150 reals (£14 or 20 usd)… I straight up told them…. HELL NO! It’s way too expensive and as I was walking away they still tried to push sales onto me. I would avoid this place as it’s not a great place to visit. But if you still want to go there, I strongly advise going by Uber as you has to go through the dodgiest neighbourhood!

  8. Ana Paula S. da Fonseca says:

    What do you mean with it?!

    I am offended myself!

    I'm a taxi driver and my standard is to serve every single passenger that comes into my car with lots of respect, kindness, hosnesty, humanism, and ethics!

    I do my job in the opposite way that you've done yours (here with "taxi drives")!

    What a deception!!!

    I've really enjoyed your videos and used to recommend to my clients…not any more!

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