We Are Surprised – FIRST TIME Trying Hong Kong Food ????????

Is Hong Kong food delicious? This is our first reaction as we tried some of Hong Kong food for the first time. This video reveals one of the most epic days we had …

49 thoughts on “We Are Surprised – FIRST TIME Trying Hong Kong Food ????????

  1. Green Fox says:

    Came across this channel doing some research for my Asia trip in January…

    Great places, great people, both of you are so easy going & informative too..
    Liked & subbed 🙂
    Excellent content! Keep the vlogs coming!

  2. May Hung says:

    The street food carts vanished over the last few decades. Used to be popular and then illegal, and it appears it’s all disappeared now into shops. Similar to what Bangkok has been going through over the last few years.

  3. to share says:

    you shouldnt have mixed the tofu its kinda like eating jelly/jello you dont mixed jelly with a spoon and break it up into little bits to eat you just scoop it up with a spoon and eat it, but you musst try the congee with century eggs and pigs blood or goto Kei Kee Dessert in yeun long they have great sweet desserts and also some street foods like curry fishballs and cheung fun

  4. Paulo Gaeta says:

    You guys have helped me to make up my mind about travelling to HK and then China. So HK is quiet doable at the moment. The last time I was there I also stayed in Mongkok area which seems to be quite normal. Of course that in previous riots it was heavily affected. Even a Xiaomi store on Nathan Rd that I was planning to visit was set on fire by the protesters. I really don`t see the point of causing material losses to companies from the mainland. It`s very crazy.

  5. Rodger Campbell says:

    ????Hello Jim and Tah. Nice food tour on this episode of Hong Kong adventures. Let me start by saying I do not like Tofu!! I think it is the one thing I would pass on. All the other food looked really delicious and I bet it was at that???? I would of loved to try the bitter tea as I am a tea drinker and have tried many different types from around the world. Everything looked so calm and quiet that day especially being in a food slash market area. Seemed like the mother and daughter who were on the tour were having a great time. Another ????????video you two. Thanks for sharing and till next time????

  6. P Mjs says:

    아무리 생각없는 젊은커플이라지만 어떻게 현재의 홍콩상황을 무시하고 음식투어영상을 올리는지… 인간은 참으로 이기적이군

  7. Kellie Squire says:

    Tahs reaction to the hot dumpling is how i end up everytime i try to eat Xao long Bao????. Interesting how there isnt a specific street food culture there. Great video guys x
    Ps i love cold/ silken tofu it reminded me slightly of me of Junket a dessert for my english heritage growing up

  8. Peter Chan says:

    Hong Kong was a safe city that attracted a lot of tourists who went to Asia in the past. In consideration of the ongoing protests, I do not recommend travelling to Hong Kong at present. Instead, travellers may go to mainland China.

  9. cmkwan59 says:

    Last night riot cops fired so many TG shoots in Yau Ma Tie near the fruit market, which is the major market of HK's fruit supplies, resulted likely all the goods' been exposed and chemical contaminated, and of cos no police or government officials will response to this.

  10. Betty Li says:

    Doufuhua or tofu pudding is my favourite thing. I like lots of brown sugar or syrup but do not mix is up. And I drink the bitter tea with a sweet dried plum to chase away the horrible taste,

  11. Izziebiz says:

    No street food recently is because the riot police just randomly shooting tear gas everywhere. And it’s not Election Day in China, China is dictatorship country, there’s no election.

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