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Join us in the bustling flow of Yogyakarta, a city that keeps alive a sense of spirit and rhythm from the serenity of its temples to the energy of its streets.

22 thoughts on “Yogyakarta Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia (4K)

  1. mohammad hisyam adnan says:

    The best thing when I visit and stay couple days in Jogja or Jogjakarta is the culture and the people. I am Javanese too, but the value of Java culture is more vibrant when visiting this calming city. The smile and joke every time meet the stranger and residents, very calm. Oh that I miss so much the city, there is lot of songs with Bahasa talking about Jogja, where is love, friendship, and live value told me that the Jogja is the true inspiration for all.

  2. Jalan Suka says:

    5:56 "Yogyakarta is more than just a city, its a kingdom" this statement is not only describing that yogyakarta was an old kingdom back then with many temples, but also describing current Yogyakarta government system. Fyi, Yogyakarta is the only district in Indonesia which lead by a King not Governor.

  3. Jaewon Sim says:

    What a amazing and beautiful country it is!!???????????????? I’m making travel VLOG on my Youtube channel, and this video makes me want to visit Indonesia for my next travel VLOG.????❤️ ???????? ????????


    This video reminds of that time when I was hardly breathing- in restlessness, was in kind of depression at that time , this made me to sail my boat in some different directions, thank god for those shattering days – they made me who I m now.

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